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the of time all


fr (French revolution) 

Perfect, never been more emotional.

you're self

Holy shit new game

Nevermind i just read the rule lmao

Will there be a theme announced?

I probably will on twitch (

Oh my god. I'll contact IGN to let them know.

NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!! Bobby2 is releasing Bobby1.

Babe, Wake up 

Bobby2 posted a game

haha Copywrite fo brrr

Im currently working on a game that will be judged on a state level. Its a secret until it comes out. Expect a releace date of roughly January 20th.

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ya, it's now working thanks to you. where did you find this image lol?

ohh man that just might do it

not quite that simple but ill give it a try.

I made a python bot to shoot up from the middle platform for an hour and got thousands of points. I forgot to take a screenshot of the points tho.

"Bob is bob... 7/5 Stars" - IGN 

"Game was the turning point in my life... 11/10 stars" - Washington Post

"Game is Game...2.75/2.75 stars" - JustLookin (


Suggestion noted

I surely hope so.

haha i beat game.

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I think I already went into cardiac arrest. Oh god, call a hospital.

I think I would go into cardiac arrest if a sequel was released.


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so pog (BTW my discord name is JustLookin)

If you jump, turn around at the last second, then jump again you can infinitely go up


GeoJam 2021 community · Created a new topic This is pog

Really really pog

ooh pog

Rocket Boi was amazing. it keeps you on edge by keeping you wondering if you're going to die randomly in the round.

I couldn't finish my game in time.


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ohh I see. It all makes sense now.

I needed to make a calculator so I decided to put it on hoping that some might feel the need to cheat on their trig test. So sure go ahead.

This is not a virus, but windows says it is

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Looks pog. I need to upload my project as well.

Lucky because your district's not poor lol