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Everytime I try to play, I get the same message: "Cannot find the app. Make sure it is running." And the app was running. Yet, it still didn't work.

My sister introduced me to this game, and I have to say I absolutely love the art style, the characters, the horror, and the story. I really hope this larger project that was mentioned in the credits becomes an actual thing. I'd love to see more from you!

The title screen alone was enough to put a smile on my face. Like... How did you make something this awesome??

I never thought I'd play something where I loved all the characters in the story, but this visual novel you've created easily proved me wrong. Every character interests me, and I want to learn all about each of them. You've really created something great, here! And the art style is just so cute. Apart from the bloodbath in the background, the characters are absolutely adorable! I only wish it could've been just a little longer. But the multiple endings definitely gives it replay value, which I believe makes up for that! ^u^