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A wonderful tool that helps to up the ante for any keystone encounter! The names are appropriately epic, and evocative of the very best kinds of boss battles. Great work!

Thank you for the well-wishes, and we appreciate all the support you can offer! And Arcon was born from hours-long discussions of Cyberpunk, so you are in great company here. In fact, I would highly recommend a talk that Kienna themselves actually contributed to over at on the genre's historical roots, its issues with Orientalism (which directly contributed to one of the truths we implemented in this supplement), and ways we can build from it! 

VoD of the discussion here: 

I'm so glad to hear you've found the material so wonderfully compelling and revitalizing of your love of the genre! Personally, I would highly recommend CBR+PNK by Emanoel Melo! Especially for one shots. Outside of that, I would say go for whatever your playgroup is most comfortable with. Thank you again for purchasing Arcon! 

Here's a link to CBR+PNK:

Played this with a friend of mine (Kat) and I swear to you, this game is absolutely worth every cent and so much more. The way the subject matter is handled is so compelling, and with the right person, you can share a story that is at times joyful, at others, tear-jerking, but ALWAYS memorable.

Major Props to Summer for this game - find someone you trust, sit down for a few hours, and revel in some heartbreak.