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I got this game as a part of  the solo but not alone bundle, and just played it today, with the help of my child. 

We enjoyed it, we drew and coloured in our eggs; two fire eggs and a plant egg, and scared away hungry velociraptors who wanted to eat our eggs.  I had fun, it was a good length of time to play, and the prompts mean that when I play this alone, I should end up with some totally different dragons. 

I just played this and had a good (if sad) time. But that's the sort of thing I enjoy, so it's all good. 

My person escaped to faerie after the loss of someone close, and didn't especially want to leave, and in the end, they didn't have to. Their host was a pile of moulding leaves with a pair of vibrant yellow eyes, who reminded them of the October holidays they had with family, of the cottage the host had seen years ago when it took the sight from one of the person's Nana's eyes in return for her finding her way home. 

Definitely enjoyed it, was a lot more writing than I'm used to. Thankfully in faerie, writing instruments just change in colour and size when you change topic, no biggie.