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it keeps crashing when I load it

how do you even play? I clicked on a map and it said on the bottom "Back to main menu?" and I couldn't play.

how do you get it

I am on laptop

doesn't work for mac

I can barely move! I can only do tricks

the game makes no sense. What am I supposed to do? I tried clicking stuff, but it was just confusing.

I downloaded but it said it couldn't download

it said nothing that can be launched was found. I couldn't download it

How do you get more ammo? How do you get to the other side of the building? How do you gain more health? Please tell me...

Well... Yeah it doesn't work on Mac

this is cool and all but first off, can you put clouds or something? It looks like you're not even moving at first. And second off, if you touch the ground you just go through it. You don't land or anything

are you gonna fix the download

Best game I've ever played! It's challenging, but on an acceptable level of challenging. I love it! Oh and by any chance, can you add multiplayer? Like whoever gets the most gems wins or something? 

well it's cool and all but it's basically just 2 levels. The first level isn't playable after completing all of the levels. If I were you I'd put at least 5 levels

I want more levels and more guns.  Would be more better :)

this doesn't work on mac

it doesn't work for mac

What's the world record?

This is a great game!! Can you add more guns? That would make the game 10 times as better :)

lol I got it nvm


honestly this is impressive for your first game!

I'm not a huge fan of it. If you fall off the map, you just continue to fall. And also the car is pretty hard to control

I love it! I just wish you can choose different cars and stuff, you know?

I absolutely LOVE it! It's a good time killer. It's also pretty challenging which is good. I wish there were more games like this on

This game is sooo fun! But can you make like an update for reloading the coffee? I'm tired of using all of it and then I do nothing the whole time

Can't wait for the updated version! The game is actually very good why are you saying it's bad?

This is such a good game! PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS!!! :D

how do you play this? I tried but all I could do was walk around and look at the cars

it keeps crashing on Macbook. My dissapointment is immesurable and my day is ruined

Thanks. :)

It's not working for me either. I'm on a macbook I don't know about you. It keeps saying it couldn't be opened

why won't my game open? I'm on a macbook but my game still can't open. It just says 'Siren Head couldn't be opened' does anyone know how I fix this? :(