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Woah!! That Was A Really Good Game

That was good

Wow I Wish It Was A Bit Longer

this was nice  tho could've been better

Yo That Was Good Stuff

Nice Alternate Endings


wow nice game. The creature must be wendigo

It Was A Good Game!! Jumpscares Could've Been Better Tho

This Was A Weirdly Good Game

This Was A Good Experience

Can't get any better..

thank you and I would love use a face cam..It's just that I can't afford one.

YOO What's Up With The Jumpscares?? Those Were Insane!! Loved It..

It was good for a short game..

Yo this game got me scared shitless idk why!!

it was nice

Man this was good, scary and hilarious at the same time..

yo this was good legit!!

Man it was awesome!!

There's something about this game that really made me play it through.. I really loved it!

 I really liked it!


o it was good. Give it a go.

watch it guys / i liked the game

woah.. it took a dark turn real quick...I really enjoyed the game

I am an Indian fun gamer, I make videos in both English and Hindi..

Checkout the video..(headphones recommended :) )

I absolutely loved this one :) 

I made a video...

I really like the art style and the poetic story is really good

The fact that it was made under 24 hours blows my mind... it's such a good game.. Not to great not too bad..

well it sure is a quite an interesting game,,,  watch my video as well

I thought it was gonna be a simple harmless game and it was for a minute or two but then it became A MADNESS . Man I loved it :) Also checkout my video

it is good my videooooooooo ahhhhhhhh....

woah man.. this was terrifying..

i made a video ,,, check it out :))

The concept was something I did not understand...overall the game is cool

Damn they threaten to kill me and my family..SAVE ME and here's the proof 


I failed the examination ..I didn't get the job.. but I made a video

Man how did you make this so scary ..It's good . Here, I made a video 

I sure will :) keep up the hard work

actually I got all the endings, the escape ending, the normal ending and the bar ending.. Looking forward to the next part, keep up the good work

quite a nice short game you've made. I like it. Here's gameplay video

yeah this game made me feel like Sherlock Holmes working from home. Nice game i like it.  I made a video as well. check it out.