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Noticed you guys added a console command to control stats on characters but how does it work. 

I'd initially thought it was going to be work as "stat.setvalue energy 100" or something but that isn't it so what are the proper commands? 

Noticed a few things in windows 10.2:

  • the visuals of the alcohol drinks do not appear during the daytime bartending job. The only one I seen that still appears is iced berrypop.
  • the tentacle animation when using the tentacle flogger since don't appear. Haven't seen that part work since windows 7.5 (i think).
  • Jenna won't remove the easter suit regardless of perversion level.
  • "Thank You Cockblock Cat" I was not expecting such a visit.

Anyone else saw anymore bugs?

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    So far I have found several problems with 0.9.1 both here on and downloading the files itself. 

    1.  The game seems to softlock when asking to do bartending work in the evening.
    2. On the patchnotes it states that the problem with the tentacles not animating when using the tentacle flogger on yourself has been fixed, yet the tentacles don't appear at all when doing so.  
    3. When entering the bar, it automatically sets the time sometime in the evening.

     Has anyone else been having this problem?