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solid game, loved the update, the music you use is just top tier! 

Oh hell yeah!

I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle's passing, please take enough time to take care of yourself as well as your family, reality will always come first <3 

This looks pretty solid! Having played TLB makes this an instant download

Here's to the next million, congrats Stawer! 

Sounds like fun! Been enjoying this game a ton since finding it recently

superb game, can't wait to see what the future holds!

can't wait for Juliette 😍😍

I wouldn't say that haha, it just adds another level of "holy shit where'd you come from" 🤣🤣🤣

It's all good, I quite like the challenge of trying to get all the pages 😂 keep getting to 8 or so while being able to turn in one direction haha 

I'm having the same issue after having just bought the game

One of the best games I've ever played, so many twists and turns regarding storylines, the ending on the current build is just *chefs kiss* beautiful, can't wait for the next update

can't wait for the new update! Adore this game

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I've been stuck on the very last scene for hours haha

**edit** I'm an idiot lmfao, stuck on finding the fuse 

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Love the game, got the Patreon version as well, just missing one scene so far, trying so hard to find it, as Kyd says I'd love it if Foxy could be the dominant partner.

*edit* found the scene, top tier game absolutely LOVE it, can't wait to see what you bring to the game,  wouldn't mind a special scene with 2 Foxy's railing the main character 

Sign me up!, it would be a massive shame to not commit to the aforementioned new project (though I do of course understand that if not enough people would be interested in playing then there would of course be no point in continuing). As someone who does play Phasmophobia a fair amount I am super curious as to what the game would have to offer!

Sweet thank you!

Hmmm I don't seem to have a log file when I try to follow the steps you mentioned, I've got my previous save and downloaded the 0.61 clean a couple of times and no luck 

I've done the bulb and wolbauks medicine and I've got 20 like with Roghak but I'm still unable to get the Wolbauk milking event

thoroughly enjoyed the temp PC build, some nice new elements in there! (won't spoil for those who haven't played it yet) 

Can't wait to play this new update! 

Thank you :D

This looks incredible! 

Love this game, can't wait for more!

I am ready and not so ready for the emotional rollercoaster after the end of Ch 6. Good thing I got some free days over christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone

That'd be a great help if you could thank you!

Is there a walkthrough/guide, I keep losing the game on exactly the same day 

Happy Birthday Stawer! 

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I'll give it a shot and see what happens, I'm enjoying the game thus far! 

Edit: saying no then yes did indeed fix it, thank you!

I'm currently stuck in an endless loop with Eliza when deciding whether or not to save the people 

no worries thanks for the reply! my OCD wont thank ya though haha, can't wait to see more!

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appreciate the hotfix! just a quick question, is the bottom right graphic on page 2 implemented on the 0.3 update or the current build? I can't find it for the life of me

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Interesting game, like another comment further down I got stuck in the bone pit after "training" the Minotaur, I'm assuming this is where the current build ends.

Can't wait to see what comes next!

This sounds like an amazing update! love the idea of mixed animations 

not a problem buddy!

3P is Hailey plus 2 of the stated enemy, for the Goblin party, LAGS posted a comment with the location

I noticed the token thing as well now that you mention it, I still have 4 locked GFX in the gallery so I'm trying to earn those haha

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Just tried but I can't no, just shows the naked player model

Edit: it shows naked player model and the default skin

Only encountered one bug thus far on Ruins 3, after killing the ass-ass-in (after it gave chase), it went back to its normal pose

Heck yeah! Super excited to see the new content!

same here, I feel like I'm that spongebob "I need it!" meme