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I've played this game for 1 hour, and it's really addictive, the design may not be so nice to see, but the game idea it's pretty good, but this need a tutorial, is like you need like a lot minutes to understand how to play, and something like an undo botton. Nice game, addictive and a little hard

I think that the background aesthetic didn't went well with Crystal's and other elements design, but it looked kinda good, i liked it! ^^

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I loved the design of this game, and it's pretty addictive, it's pretty hard get over 13, i thing that the unique thing bad is that the numbers seems of low quality and sometimes it comes out the circle(look at the image). There's my best try, is a good game, it gave like 20 minutes trying get my record off lol

The game idea is quite good and maybe if you polish it it would be fantastic, I think it would be one of those games with an incredible soundtrack or something like that, these types of games seem very addictive to me although I notice the movement a bit uncomfortable, also the game is pretty good!

The idea of this game is quite good, simple and the ideas well achieved, I really wanted to play more, well done!

Es demasiado tierno el diseño del juego y pues solo eso, es corto, lindo y disfrutable al 100%

This game is too addictive but very complicated, I think there are some quite unbalanced enemies (it is not that it has gone that far), the design of the bee seems a bit scary, but other than that the game is quite good! ^^

Before I even saw this game, I was struck by how cute and simple the aesthetic is and at first glance, the game itself seems to be quite simple and fun. About the gameplay, it's really good and flawless, and the only bad thing I noticed was that the obelisk and the bank don't give money. Outside of that, the game has potential.

That's right.

Ya, if it don't give any advantage it's ok.

It was just a bad redaction.

Yeah, but there's a lot of people that can play dirty, ruining the game experience

Maybe a "special" guy