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We have adjusted it now. Thank you :)

Hey thanks for your feedback! Your 2 points are right and I have noted them! We are glad that you enjoyed our game. Goal achieved :P

If you have more feedback feel free to join our Discord :)

Thank you :)

what do you mean by multiplier? ^^

We have made a note of this and will find a solution! Thank you for your feedback.

Maybe this can help: "For any Mac users unable to open the app use the following command sudo chmod -R 755 <application_file_path> to get the game working."

Thank you for your feedback! We have noted this and will upload it in the next version.

Thank you for your feedback. That really helped us. Especially with Corona it is hard to get testers where you can look over their shoulders. Your video is worth its weight in gold :P

We are currently discussing this. Would that be important for you?

We liked the video very much. All your explanations are correct. It was really exciting to get an overview of all the features from someone else who is not working on the project.  We wish you much success with your youtube account and hopefully we will see a video of our game on your channel in 2022. :P

Maybe this can help: "For any Mac users unable to open the app use the following command sudo chmod -R 755 <application_file_path> to get the game working."

Thank you for your feedback!

With the ID you can enter anything. Should only then always be uniform :)

If you currently report an error, the savegame, a screenshot and your message will be sent to us.

What exactly is not working?  Are you getting any error messages?

Good feedback. We made a note of that and will change it in the future. Each person reads differently fast :)

hey thanks for your feedback. We liked your video! Videos always help us understand player behavior better :)

Yes, we remember your last video! We were happy that you played our new version too.

Thank you.  We really liked your video.

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Thank you. We are working hard on our new version. If you want to participate you can join our Discord.

That's funny. You have pulled all the rippers to the hunter. Actually, the plan was for the Hunter to kill the Rippers together with you. The Hunter is now in the Ripper camp and then the demo goes even further :) You are not yet at the end!

Thanks for sharing your gameplay with us.

Thanks a lot. :)

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Yes. You have 1 - 3 saveslots. You should then save your old game to a save slot for example slot 3. The quickslot and autosave will be saved automatically and the slots can only be used by you.

We are thinking about porting it to consoles. But it is still in the planning phase.

Hey YoBoyMarc,

we fixed the graphical bug in our new version. Just download the game again and i hope your purple filter will not appear. :)

Thank you for your kind feedback. You can join our Discord, where we post updates about the development.

During the upload of the new version I lost the internet connection. You should see it now. :)

Thanks for sharing your gameplay with us and welcome on our discord. :)

Thank you very much. :)

We do not yet know exactly what the game will cost in the end. It depends on how much content and elements are finally included in the game. We assume a price between 10-20€.

Thank you for your feedback! We will adjust this for the next version.

Thank you. :)

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At the moment this is a demo, which should show our version of the game.

Now we are working towards the main game. There we will include more of these elements and add some sources of information to find out about these lore and background snippets and include it in the main story aswell!

If you are interested in our development and/or want to influence it yourself you are welcome to join our Discord.

That's funny! This will be fixed! :P

Noted! We will try to fix the bug in the next version!

The problem is known to us but we do not yet know exactly how to solve it. We're sorry that this prevented you from playing our game. We are working on it! Thank you for your feedback

The tutorial was quickly implemented. We really have to improve it :P We noted the error and try to solve the problem. Unfortunately we couldn't test it with a Mac computer, so we are happy to get any feedback about errors with mac

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Thank you very much! We are very happy about the feedback! It is also nice to see what exactly you like! It also helps us a lot with the development. We are very much looking forward to your videos. If you are interested in the development, you can join our Discord:)

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This demo  is kind of a spin-off of the actual game. It will have a bigger world, more/different NPCs and a different story line. Game mechanics and lore stay (more or less) the same. If you are interested in the development, you can join our Discord.

We do not know yet if we will offer gamepad support. But it is definitely on our feature list, which we will consider for the final game

Thanks for the information! Is there something we can fix from our side to make it working properly on Mac?

We are looking forward for your review! :)