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This game here is only a free playable Teaser of our Game "Drova". When the game is finished, we are planning to release the game on itch too.

Thank you!

thank you <3

yes it will cost something. How much exactly we do not know yet.

yes that is our goal. in our small prototype, which we published yesterday, you can already play with controller

شكرا لك

Yes, it is the same version! However, there is a little easteregg in the Steam version that is not available here. You can read more about it on our Discord, if you are interested :)

hey thank you! Currently we do not need translation but in the future. I have noted your contact details.

Unfortunately we understand only english

Thank you for your offer. We already have a writer. But I have written down your email address :)

Thank you for your feedback! We will add more different enemies and more buildings! Hopefully you will like our finished game :P

There are two ways that will probably help you:

Easy way:
The game is available for free on Steam as well, there you should have no issues installing and playing the game on any platform.

Technical way:
You can try the following: open the terminal and navigate to the downloaded game. Then type: "chmod +x" this allows the app to be recognized as an executable. And then this command: "xattr -r -d". This allows the run to be run after downloading and unzipping it from the internet.

what exactly are your problems? are you getting any errors?

Thank you. We will of course also remain loyal to!

Thank you, this helps a lot! :)

These are kind words. We do our best! :) Goal achieved!

I am very happy to hear that! This is actually not a bug. As long as you have your weapon drawn you are in the combat stance. You have to put your weapon away before you can talk to an NPC :P

We want to release the game in 2023 :) We are taking our time to deliver a bug-free and working version.

Hello thank you for your feedback! We are very happy that you enjoyed our game! We do our best and hope you will like our finished game too!

Ahh now i see what you mean. I agree with you. Thanks for your input!

Hey, thanks for your feedback! Then it achieved its goal of giving an impression of our vision.

Currently we have a Google Form for Feedback at the end of the demo.  Maybe we should add one to the main menu as well. We should revise the google forms again and place it better so it really stands out more. 

Very good feedback! If you have any more input, we'd love to hear it

We have adjusted it now. Thank you :)

Hey thanks for your feedback! Your 2 points are right and I have noted them! We are glad that you enjoyed our game. Goal achieved :P

If you have more feedback feel free to join our Discord :)

Thank you :)

what do you mean by multiplier? ^^

We have made a note of this and will find a solution! Thank you for your feedback.

Maybe this can help: "For any Mac users unable to open the app use the following command sudo chmod -R 755 <application_file_path> to get the game working."

Thank you for your feedback! We have noted this and will upload it in the next version.

Thank you for your feedback. That really helped us. Especially with Corona it is hard to get testers where you can look over their shoulders. Your video is worth its weight in gold :P

We are currently discussing this. Would that be important for you?

We liked the video very much. All your explanations are correct. It was really exciting to get an overview of all the features from someone else who is not working on the project.  We wish you much success with your youtube account and hopefully we will see a video of our game on your channel in 2022. :P

Maybe this can help: "For any Mac users unable to open the app use the following command sudo chmod -R 755 <application_file_path> to get the game working."

Thank you for your feedback!

With the ID you can enter anything. Should only then always be uniform :)

If you currently report an error, the savegame, a screenshot and your message will be sent to us.