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It was really fun to watch you playing the game. Glad that you think the game is fair even though it seemed hard and the genre was not your favorite one. And your feedback is really clear and fair, we took some notice and might probably fix some minor things as a result of that. Thanks for playing the game. And awesome that you found some of the secrets we included to the game :) 

CoalFire! It's you again :) We were pretty happy that you liked the game and that you even recognized the art style, awesome. Your feedback and your lets play video is very well appreciated. We even buffed the health orb like 10 minutes after watching you playing the game, haha. Unfortunately, we are not very talented with music, but we are looking for ways to improve on that, cheers!

When we devoloped the game, we did not know Wizard of Legend yet. Now we know it and have already played it. A good game!

Hey Muzifield,
Sorry for the later reply. We have paused the project because we are working on a new project. We will upload our new project here soon and hope you like it.

hey Klugs,

we were happy about the video and it seems you liked the game. that makes us even happier.

Many thanks

it is not recomended to play with keyboard. We are currently working on a new version where you can play it with keyboard.

I guess you found EVERYTHING that this game had to offer  (at the moment). Good job! Really enjoyed the lets play, thanks for playing!

Still one more challenge left: beat the game on hardcore with all modifiers toggled on :)

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Thank you for sharing your lets play! It was a huge amount of fun (and motivation) to watch you guys :)
We watched the video together and we were so thrilled watching you fighting the demon, that was friggin' close! We even screamed and laughed when you failed, haha :D

Really cool, thanks :)

Cool, thank you for sharing! :)

Oups, our bad. I uploaded a new 32 bit version. :)

then this is the perfect time to buy one :P

thanks for your feedback. We really enjoyed watching the video

Thank you very much. that's our pleasure!

Hello, thanks for your feedback. We make a note of everything so that we can make the game better. 
The best feedback for us is that it was fun to play the game.