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I just played your game and had a great time! I hope to play this game more on my channel, thanks for making this weird (in a good way) game!

Hey there! I tried that from different angles, but I couldn't pull it of.

I LOVE this game, it really gives me the creeps. I really love the sound design, because of that you're 1001% into the game. I can't wait to finish it (I hope I can, because those creatures really make me on edge!).
I made a little video about it. 

Thank you for this game Kira!

It works now! Thank you very much for solving the issue Kira. You are a truly dedicated person, thanks again! <3

I played it and I liked it very much! I think it's amazing that you made all of this in only 10 days! Respect!

I loved the game, I made a little video 

Hey Kira,

I just downloaded the update, but still a black screen with some ambient sounds. 
When I move the arrow keys I can hear a menu clicking, the game hasn't crashed. So it must be the thing you mentioned (gamma being at zero)...

I also runned the game as an admin, but so far no results...

Is there anything I can do for you to troubleshoot?


I always like your gameplay, keep it up dude!

Hey guys, here is my gameplay. It's a blind playthrough, to keep it on the short side I cut a lot because there's a lot of exploration in the game which I like very much :)

I also left some tips in the video.
Have fun!
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That's too bad :( is there any way to "fix" it at my side?

Perhaps you can give me the menu "click path" to upper the gamma when it's down? 

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Is it me, or is the ingame menu not visible? Also I don't get a game after the three sentences... This problem occurs in todays version (also on Steam). Can it be that the update you made on 22 nov 2018 om 0:20 is not in this new version?

update 22 nov 2018 om 0:20:
I think I've found what was causing the issue. It was starting Midnight Mode because it could not access your system time due to your computer, and since it had never started the main menu it treated the gamma as being 0. I've built a new patch to stop this from happening and it should be up sometime tomorrow. Since the time = 0 if it can't be found it was thinking that it was midnight.

Hey there! I made a let's play of your game. I really, really liked the trip. Very original and very scary. Great way of working with sounds and feeling.

Enjoy my little journey in the staircase :)

Played your game and I liked it, really liked the dogs and the sound it makes when you die, made me laugh :D

I can allready tell that you've put in a lot of work AND love, and that last one is an ingrediënt most games miss these days.

Can't wait to play the finished game!

Hey there, I really liked this game, I thought I had her, but still she managed to spook me :) Good luck finishing this game, I'll play it when you finished it!

Here's the proof!

Hey guys, I played your game and I liked it, even made a little video about it :-)

I really enjoyed this game! Very well done!
BUT, did I overcome my fear of dolls?

Find out :)

I walked into the Otherworld and it was a blast!

That's for sharing this with us dev. I'm looking forward to your next game :)

Best trip of my life!

Damn, had a nice trip there, I loved the graphics and the total feeling of the game, see me play it:

I'm hoping to see more from you guys in the future!


Hey! I really like the game, especially the grapics are superb, hope to see more from you in the future. You can see me in "action" here ;-)

Well... Your game made my cry, here's the evidence!

Thank you for making this game, I loved it!

We have a right to know what's inside the box!! The audience is waiting, it's allmost October :P

Loved your little game <3

Better late than never play this game! Thanks guy's, I had a great time playing it!

Hey dude! Nice game, I enjoyed it while it lasted, thank you. I hope you'll make a longer version of this with more options. Overall the game made me think about: "papers, please". I hope to see work from you in the (near) future!