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Hey there! I made a let's play of your game. I really, really liked the trip. Very original and very scary. Great way of working with sounds and feeling.

Enjoy my little journey in the staircase :)

Played your game and I liked it, really liked the dogs and the sound it makes when you die, made me laugh :D

I can allready tell that you've put in a lot of work AND love, and that last one is an ingrediënt most games miss these days.

Can't wait to play the finished game!

Hey there, I really liked this game, I thought I had her, but still she managed to spook me :) Good luck finishing this game, I'll play it when you finished it!

Here's the proof!

Hey guys, I played your game and I liked it, even made a little video about it :-)

I really enjoyed this game! Very well done!
BUT, did I overcome my fear of dolls?

Find out :)

I walked into the Otherworld and it was a blast!

That's for sharing this with us dev. I'm looking forward to your next game :)

Best trip of my life!

Damn, had a nice trip there, I loved the graphics and the total feeling of the game, see me play it:

I'm hoping to see more from you guys in the future!


Hey! I really like the game, especially the grapics are superb, hope to see more from you in the future. You can see me in "action" here ;-)

Well... Your game made my cry, here's the evidence!

Thank you for making this game, I loved it!

We have a right to know what's inside the box!! The audience is waiting, it's allmost October :P

Loved your little game <3

Better late than never play this game! Thanks guy's, I had a great time playing it!

Hey dude! Nice game, I enjoyed it while it lasted, thank you. I hope you'll make a longer version of this with more options. Overall the game made me think about: "papers, please". I hope to see work from you in the (near) future!