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I have been playing a lot on the browser version and decided to download the zip file. Is there a way to import/export my save data or put it into my new game?

Apparently this is part of a much larger bug in which you can run off a platform and then jump at any point during the fall. Using this, I got 4.149 on level 4 without GDJ.

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I found a cool bug where you can jump off of platforms a little after running off of them. Using this and the ledge-grab mechanic I managed to skip two platforms on level 2 and got 23.931.

I tried speedrunning this game, and got 2:33.6. Since this specific game (11 endings) isn't on, I decided to just post here. Here's details on how I timed myself:

Timer has an offset of 1:00.00 and starts when you click past the "...Hey, Man!" text. This is so that you don't have to waste time doing the first ending every attempt. You then have to do every ending, in any order, except for the first one. Next split is started when you click the Restart lever. Timer stops on the final ending when the light in the bottom left corner lights up. 

This speedrun is one full of spamming and precise mouse movement, so prepare for that if you would like to do it.