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I know this sounds stupid but what do the numbers on the screen mean?

I tried so hard to gain affection points with Jeremy even using a cheat code to give 500 points with him[misery-loves-company] and I just know found out that it wasn't even possible and that I wasted 2 hours of my life because I hadn't read the description carefully enough.(I'd assumed that all boys were dateable in all versions)

-I don't know why I wrote this, maybe as like a cautionary tale or something? Anyways have good day <3

Does this game end? I'm really enjoying it but I have been playing for a while, is there ending, or does the game just keep going?

The writing was amazing for this game and I love how creative it is!

10/10 game would definitely recommend (so for the boring feedback lol)

I love your profile!

This game is so wholesome! <3 <3

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Is it wrong that I ship Desmond and Worf?