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Can you add the ability to skip the intro?

Like, idk what button to use to open it, so how do i?

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How are you supposed to learn the controls by opening the "Controls" button if you don't know the controls??


I would like hints on how to get all the endings please.

I really love the music. Is there any way I could get it?

you can solve this if you put all the other chickens in the incubator, where they will sleep, and buy and feed grapes to the chicken. As soon as the chicken takes a bite, the bug should be fixed.

Nice game! Would love a 3rd ending for if you input the cockpit code w/out using the potato battery, but I know this game was made a while back. Still really like it!

Thank u! Loving the game :)

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Anyone finish Star Prince and/or find all the printed out memes?

Do you have a discord?

how do you expand it like that?

Like skipping the tutorial

Like skipping the tutorial

I think it has something to do with skipping.

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Take the hat and rope, then go to the shed and click the bag next to the desk

I like the game, although I wish there was an option to turn off the monsters/hostile life form

I think you can look on yt or try all options where ice cream comes from her head


This is a nice game. <3