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This game was absolutely horrifying! Thanks so much for the game! :D

Thanks for the reply! Sorry I did not reply sooner, I haven't really had time to get back on itch. I figured most of the stuff I said was currently being worked on, only reason I said them was in the slight off chance that it wasn't known to you guys! Again, the game was fun and I love the direction!

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This was a fun little game. Some of the things I enjoyed about this game were:

  • Fun
  • Good combat mechanics (really liked the experimental lightning spell, but the current versions of the other 2 are better imo)
  • Anime and stylized graphics are nice
  • Full voice acting on an indie game is always a pleasant surprise!

And now for the things that I noticed that could use a little work. Most (if not all) of these are likely already being worked on considering the game is still in development. However, in the off chance one or more of these slipped through the cracks, here they are:

  • Each character seems to have multiple voice actors (or if they are the same, they had multiple different accents), 1 actor for the cut scenes, and 1 for the regular field scenes, and this was very jarring.
  • The sex scene wasn't very immersive. You had very little control and interactivity, and none of the angles allowed for visual of penetration unless you moved around the other side, in which case, your body stays where it was, but your headless and armless. If you do decide to do this, you were actually penetrating her butt cheek.
  • The player body during the sex scene and the experimental bj scene was a little too slim, taking away some of the immersion.
  • The hands were slightly off from the controllers, a menu with an option to adjust where the hand is in relation to the controller would hel a lot!
  • A way to see how much gold/magic orbs you have outside the camp would be nice.
  • Combat was a tad easy. The enemies never really felt like a threat.
  • The final cutscene, I couldn't tell if the main person of focus was supposed to be interacting with me or the people in front of me. The person got really close to me (and seemed to be massive in size) however cast a spell on the people in the background. It was hard to tell what was supposed to be going on.

All in all, it was a good game and I can't wait to see where it goes!

thanks for the heads up :)

Love the game so far!

Question, is Natsu's progression implemented? I have 100% on everyone else, but Natsu shows 5 levels in the journal. And I can't find any way to interact with her other than her hinting the village is supposed to be there. I  have checked the whole map several times and can't find any more items.

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Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

One more verification. I'm assuming that April 13th is the day we should begin working on the project, yes?


ounds good! Just making sure!

So are we posting them on itch, or the unity website? Or somewhere else

Installed and got "Data folder not found" with a description of:

Application folder:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Cooking Cafe
There should be 'Cooking Cafe_Data'
folder next to the executable

Can't boot the game.