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i just noticed that- that's a nice touch actually

are we allowed to edit your art?
i just kinda had an idea for something so that's why i'm asking

sorry for kinda replying late, i get nervous when making comments and stuff

Was the 3 versions that was said in Fax Vex Puix true? or was it plot stuff-

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slashes at Papyrus, killing him insantly. "Oh... HUMAN! I... I... still b-b..." After a loud CRACK!, Papyrus' head falls off.
"Oh dear... well, this isn't too good..."
"i don't get it."
"Get what?"
"why you don't leave... i warned them all... except pap."
"Maybe it should be him you're worried about then."
Sans face lights up. He stands up and books it out of Grillby's...
Only to see Frisk
kill Papyrus.

this is all i can get, there's text at the bottom and idk how to scroll down.
(i got this by selecting the text and going all the way down, and then copy + pasting it here)

edit: you can access it by inspecting the code, have fun.

i would, but im in the middle of a room and then i'll just squat out of nowhere? chances of getting weird looks are like 100% so no please

quarantine is happening and im sitting here on a laptop, still somehow not getting spoiled despite never watching it

chimmy didn't get me

one second in the game and i already loved it-
my favorite was the art style, i like simpler artworks and this one pulled it off greatly.

the music is calming, and it's good. 

also, i'm not the type to ship anything but yen and cyrus are great together okay, just as friends it's already great=

uh, conclusion is that npckc is a great developer in general? i guess? i just love your games i don't know why

i have a feeling that i need to say be patient, idk why
im sorry if i sounded rude-

even if i'm not trans, i liked this game!
the art kind bugged me at first but i started to get used to it, it's unique and more carefree than other styles.

and uh, since i'm just kind of weird, how are you? i'm just asking- 

im just curious, are we allowed to make fan creations of the "one night, hot springs" series?
fanart, fangames, fanfiction- 

im just kind of curious, sorry-

I can't open the game, it looks really good and it's sadly not working.
(I have Windows  7)

I love this game, I liked the plot and the genocide/pacifist routes
It's really good! I enjoyed it a lot

super speedy chef
score: 4.5 seconds

Everyone's talking about Maka, sure.
But can we talk about Angie?

Name yourself Squat-chan and uh, idk if it's ego or plain weird

Shield (I think) is good if you like Fire-type starters.

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Can you give a basic explanation on how?
Edit: Nevermind, Deviantart users had the answers.

I really like this game! Kind of short (If you use the Tomato Garden game well) and is a game I usually play when I'm bored. Very calming.

my mind isn't working so (sorry if i look like i'm bragging)