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Name yourself Squat-chan and uh, idk if it's ego or plain weird

Shield (I think) is good if you like Fire-type starters.

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Guide for the endings:
(Read more for guide-)

Alone at the end:
Quickest way is to sleep to the end.

Crashed the end:
Get spoilers to 100%.

Worth the wait:
Talk to Adam / Nerd boy (no offense) until the stats are around 80% hearts and 95% spoilers. (Make sure to make no wrong choices)

Trust me, it's really worth it-

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Can you give a basic explanation on how?
Edit: Nevermind, Deviantart users had the answers.

I really like this game! Kind of short (If you use the Tomato Garden game well) and is a game I usually play when I'm bored. Very calming.

my mind isn't working so (sorry if i look like i'm bragging)