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Yeah, no sweat. Best of luck!

Hmm.. Doom 2 levels infused with the movement of Quake 3... You just combined my favourite aspects of these games that I grew up with and still adore to this day. Looking forward to it!

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Yeah, that's the first occasion. After that, I remember her popping up in the Base, that's for sure. Just keep going to places that are NOT your goal, and looking at/talking to everything and everyone multiple times before you go to your next objective.

Thanks for this! I've got to admit, I replayed this several times, and I've found Anna at 4 or 5 places at least, but still couldn't find the password, before I lost my will to try again.

Yes, and it's the same with looking, if I remember correctly.

It might be evident stuff, but still, I very much appreciate you focusing on (and enjoy creating!) the atmosphere. It can really make or break a game in my opinion; immersion is quite important.

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I had a really Konbinient Experience, thank you! I'm eagerly looking forward for more.