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Is there a sequel to this game? I am emotionally invested in this character.

I can't wait for the full game! This is so damn good!

Thank you very much!

I'm not sure if it's possible, but is there a way to prevent the protagonist from sharing the same name as other characters? It scares the hell outta me when I realised the principal's name is also Oscar.

Got the final and bad endings. I'm lazy to get the good one, and despite that, the game is still interesting - leaving me with questions.

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An endearing game with loveable characters. I adore the concept and simplicity of this story, regardless of how short and quick the gameplay is.

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It doesn't matter. Regardless of the protagonist's gender, the ending is still heartwarming.

The usage of sounds is really great! It got me feeling all nervous and queasy, haha. I want to play more games like this.

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Woah, this is really good! One of the many NSFW stories that doesn't give me an ick. I'd love to see it done completely.

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I've gotten nine endings in total. Jess (Bad + Good), Neo (Bad + Good), Tommy (Bad + Good), and Will (Bad 1 + 2 + Good). I'm not sure what are the other two (out of eleven endings), unless one of them is when you get rejected by Will. Also, I have to admit, it's hard getting Will's good end - I had to look at the spoiler in the comment section. Other than that, I adore all of the characters. It'd be nice if there's a sequel to this interactive fiction!