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We will see about that

Vehicles are planned to appear in the game during this year. We already tested transport vehicles, you can see it in this video:

We can't confirm the Android version, however, we already tested the game on mobile devices. So everything is possible.

We will see if the weapon customization will be added, thank you for your suggestion. Also, feel free to download Last Mortem from Steam!

We are in the ALPHA stage of development, no proper advertisement campaign was done yet. We will surely promote the game more in the following months. Remember that you can always play with AI Bots, I recommend you to join our Discord server where you can look for some players and see our latest news. Thank you!

Thank you very much

of course, shotgun will be added in another patch. Also, the new patch is up from now! 

Added new map - Project 1143
Added new map - Outpost with game mode Obstacle Course
Changed textures in Favela map
Fixed objects in Favela map
Changed objects in Stormy Bay map
Changed weapon settings
Changed movement settings
Added FPS Counter

What is available in this new patch?
Favela, Stormy Bay, Project 1143, Outpost maps
M16A1, AK-47, M9, Knife, Frag, Flashbang, SA80, Famas, Magnum, M40, M16 Sniper, AKS-74u, Skorpion, Glock 18

Last Mortem is available also on now! Test it out!

I will let you know, also once it will be available there, I will through IFrame make it available also here on Thank you for your interest!

It is strange because for me the GameJolt is working fine. Last Mortem will be soon available also on CrazyGames, I'm unable to upload the WebGL version here because of the size limit of Sorry for that, I can send you PC Standalone version.