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Thanks - Installing that redistributable gets the game running.  I will let you know my thoughts when I've had a chance to play after work. Thanks again :)

EDIT: and to answer your original question - I was launching by double-clicking the exe in explorer. I suspect the crash happens in CRT init before any of your crash hooks are installed, so that explains the crash reporter not running. Not that it would anyway  as it requires a redistributable too :)

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Hey guys, 

I purchased today having been excitedly following your project for some time, and I just tried to boot up what you have so far. 

Unfortunately the windows beta executable is not able to start on my machine (Win7 64-bit, Intel i7-2600k, 16GB memory, NVIDIA GTX 560 TI). As soon as I start SmithAndWinston.exe, I get this:

I've tried running as administrator, tried updating my .NET framework to 4.7.2. I also tried to run the  CrashSender1403.exe, and am seeing this:

It might be worth statically linking the redistributable libs into your executable?

I'm happy to test private experimental builds if you'd like to try narrow this issue down - would really like to play this :)