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Just wanna say that this has been massively lovely and I enjoy every minute of it.

This is not available anymore? Are you able to upload the APK file here for sideloading or something?

Hey, I briefly went through the console, and I think it could have a few quality of life improvements:

  • I would love to have the hotkey Ctrl + R for automatic reload changes and run the game again. I'm aware that `run` is the intended way, but Ctrl + R will significantly improve workflow, especially for folks who use an external editor.
  • Regarding the editor position, I think it would make more sense that the sprite editor comes before audio editors. I might misunderstand your intention if PQ93 is meant to be an audio-focused tool, but I reckon most people would visit the sprite editor more.
  • The console now reboots to blank code. I should also think the console should start by default with some boilerplate code, that provides an overview of the API, something along the line of:
export p = {
  x: 0
  y: 0
export _init = ->
  p.x, p.y = 64, 64
export _update = ->
  if btn "l" then p.x -= 1
  if btn "r" then p.x += 1
  if btn "u" then p.y -= 1
  if btn "d" then p.y += 1
export _draw = ->
  txt 32, 16, "Welcome to PQ93", 3
  circf p.x, p.y, 4, 12
  • I thought I was crazy for while and failing to get the game running and not knowing while, but it took me quite a bit to have realised that had been making syntax errors, and the console said absolutely nothing. Wouldn't have error messages been helpful, if not essential in debugging and getting something to run?

I also think the API among other details could have used improvements every now and then, but these are what I have on my mind at the moment.

Thank you for your answer.

I did write my last game with VSCode, and even with outlines, it was a tad painful. None of these are exactly essential things, but they would have made a complete package for my needs.

I would consider QP93 nevertheless.


I have already gone through the manual, but there are questions I have not been able to find answers for (resources for this is also currently quite non-existent, so sadly googling doesn't do the trick):

1. Is there any method to store persistent data across sessions? In other words, some form of savedata?

2. Is inclusion of multiple files possible? This is something I couldn't exactly test in the demo. Does pointing to an external file with `require` work the same way it does in native Lua and moonscript? I'm just trying to organize a more traditional file structure. It was pretty painful the last time I dumped everything into a huge single file.

I'd really like to be able to run this well from a smartphone.