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Would it be possible for a guide to be posted? I've played it a few times and I keep missing a sinner, I'm very curious about the other endings!

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Is it only one round? My friend played it at Glitch City told me to DL it but I wish it was longer! Incredible writing and art and everything came together so well

I was just wondering if this had an update the other day! Glad you're doing well.

this is so immaculate and just my sense of humor. i even laughed out loud because i definitely have a fountain pen that i got with a bonus.. . 

i love this game.

Super cute! I wanted to do the last conversation that was skipped because I had come out thrice already.

Everyone had such a Personality it was really easy to love. I tried to come out in my first convesation at a time that made sense but it had already been too late but I loved the part of just trying to 'get to the point.'

love it, curious what self-infest is in sandbox and silk % mean

broski chill it's literally only 10am

Can't believe my senior at work being gay is forced representation.

Hi, I walked toward the shadow within the first minute because I was curious what would happen and I received this error message. I was playing this in the web browser in Firefox on MacOS! Let me know if you need any other information.

Where is the music used in this game from? It carries so much of the emotional tone and I loved the calm/serene tune.

Super fun! I loved the humor of the times table (I was expecting something much easier but BLAM! it was super hard).

I thought there was a problem at first because I couldn't see all of the dialogue at time but it turns out I had to zoom out to see all the text, but that might be because I have a somewhat lower resolution laptop (1440 x 900)?

Cute, and perfectly short and sweet!

Obsessed with the writing, I love the en media res and worldbuilding, and the word choice certainly tickles the brain into learning at times. Gorgeous art (SO stylistic and evocative) and atmospheric music, and again wow at that writing. I loved the personal moment of "Oh! The protagonist is black" when I read the line about his locs, which was a nice touch.


The game has such a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality that's so delicious! The music, writing, and art came together to create the feeling of a childhood video game.

OW! My heart, wow! The writing... the tenderness... I wasn't expecting to feel so many emotions in so little time. There is beauty in the writing of small things, the smell of the desert, the wish for tomorrow to never come. The charming art and writing makes me remember a love I've never had before.

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Wow, the vibes are so nice.  I feel kind of dumb - at first, I thought you were supposed to go over there and talk to them so I kept going down the hatch and being confused. I definitely should have read the instructions, haha! Feels just like the conversations I have with my friends. I didn't realize until I was done but oh my gosh, they're in a Godzilla-esque costume(?) and talking to their friend who's in a machine person(?) costume and that's such a cute detail I didn't notice. The soundtrack hits so many emotions and they're all perfect for the game. I only wish there was more dialogue but this was so short and sweet I don't think I can complain.

Felt like the depression I've always known, although maybe not as gruesome. I'm a little confused about if the tail/ears are a metaphor for the depression (others can't or refuse to see it, but it's so obvious) or if Bea's tail really exists and others literally, like physically, just can't see it, but the tone and writing style is spot-on. God bless the USA for its terrible healthcare system and bureaucratic extortion. /sarcasm

This game is so cute and funny! And the writing? Mwah! I really can't express how much the cast of characters feels good to talk to, and the humor is just wicked. Basil destroys war criminals? Houseplant alignment charts? This game is just a deligh!

I think they meant "hint" because I had the same feeling of wanting to have a hint after tinkering with the puzzle for a while instead of taking a hint before I even got to see if the puzzle was a hard one!