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To be honest, just being able to turn the bangs off would be amazing :)

I was having a really bad time with this myself. I had someone on the Bitsy Discord tell me it might be because I deleted my ROOM0. 

If you've not got a room0 in your Bitsy game, carefully copy the room0 data from the blank game into your game data.

I really want KFC now :(

This is how I'm making my Bitsy palettes from now on. 

It would very useful and encouraging to have a contrast requirement to generate accessible palettes.

☺️ Thanks! Inspiration struck, and I had to make this. More bitsy to follow :)

😉 thanks for playing my dumb game!

It me. I love this.

the reflection in the starting lake is sublime -- wow!

The map is so big! I love the challenge. Some of the instant endings aren't telegraphed enough so you can avoid them without having to start over. 

The art is amazing :D Thanks for the great vignette :)

This is nice, I love it :)

I liked this a lot -- simple gameplay with a cute outcome :)

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I just want to 'me too' on all of Sophie's suggestions... with these, Bitsy could be a new ZZT.

Another suggestion: a dialog command to change the palette to another named palette {palette{bigred}}

Of all the features suggested, the ability for a sprite's instance to remove itself from the board would be ideal... a `{die}` command or something.

I'd like to have a sprite that, when a particular condition is true, allow use one particular list of dialog options, and other lists for other conditions. I imagine this might be already possible in the dialog code window, but I can't figure it out...?

Wow! Great story told with almost no words :D