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So excited to hear that this’ll be part of your kits!

Yes! Let me know if you need ideas on how to start. I used the public domain grids from, imported as vectors in Scribus, and readjusted to the page.

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Exporting as Markdown file would be rad!!

Thank you for making this, very excited to try it out/use at the (virtual) table!

EDIT Spoke too soon and saw that the download zip includes Md now!

I’ve played this game a handful of times now (not counting the times I’ve immediately found the cat), and have been loving it as a super easy, setup-and-go game. There are times when it feels like it can turn into a slog, but then mechanics like rooms dropping away and blocking paths make it interesting again.

The last couple of games, I’ve been dealing the surrounding three cards around the starting card and then shuffling in the cat card, which has solved the problem of the game sometimes ending immediately.

I was also thinking of further modifying it by making the escape pod elsewhere in the deck, maybe keeping it face up (I’ll just close my eyes so I’m not cheating lol), so I know where it is. That makes the possibility of the starting card causing me to make noise, which might suck? But also might be interesting.

Fun game!

I’m modifying this to run with In the Light of a Ghost Star mechanics, and just ran a 1-on-1 game with it. (My first time doing 1-on-1, aahh.) We only had an hour and a half of play and got about halfway through. Ended up playing up the decay and eyes, and the player is digging the spooky vibes! I also really love the design of this and the ASCII map is :chefs kiss:. Very fun!!

I saw this in the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid and thought about this reply thread!! Thought you’d enjoy:

<3 Thanks so much!!

YES, I fully support all hacks to Good Dog. Boop the Bird? Hell yah! Snuggle the Snake? Ready for it! Glad you enjoyed it!

I legit have tears streaming down my face.