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Yesssss! thank you so much! Excited to play!

I got converted to level-less magic (and class-less characters) in my fantasy rpg’ing awhile ago. But then I was craving it exactly that but dreading reading through the various OD&D and B/X clones, but remembered I had a gifted, beautifully done, LFOSR copy of Rovers & Riches, and boy does it have exactly what I want. A bit of class, some classic magic, while still being lightweight. The tables are great too, and I’m excited to try some of the puzzles and traps. And those cursed items are great too! I hope I can rope some people into playing a few sessions in this.

I was wondering if you’ll be offering the illustrated character sheet that is included in the deluxe LF OSR as a PDF? I like that the included one here on Itch has a cheatsheet on it, but I’d still love to be able to use the illustrated sheets. Thanks!

Hi Chris! Thanks so much for getting back to me and the clarification!!

I am loving the Rituals section in this game, I love the random word lists and all of it.

I did have a question on advancement however. The Advancement table shows the number of safe rituals going up +1 for each level, so at lvl 1 you have 2 safe rituals; level 2 you have three; level 3, you have four; and so on. But the paragraph above the table says, “The number of Rituals you can perform is equal to half your Adventurer Level + 1, rounded down, and is given in the final column on the chart.”

So: (Adv Lvl / 2 ) + 1, round down = # of safe Rituals.

Ignoring lvl 1 = 2 safe rituals since that’s just what we get from character creation, Lvl 2’s math would be 2 safe rituals still as 2 halved = 1, then add 1 = 2. Lvl 3 would be 2 safe rituals because we’re rounding down. So on and so on.

Since that didn’t match up I thought, ok, maybe for level 2 it just means add the result to the previous amount of safe rituals, but that comes out with 4, rather than 3 rituals as noted in the table.

Which is the intended interpretation? Or have I misunderstood the math? or???

I do like the table since it means we get more safe rituals more often, rather than every other level, but some clarification would be nice. I’m used to level-less magic so this is very new to me. Thanks so much!!

I thought so too! Until I realized there’s something to decode even without a sticker…….. I haven’t gotten further tho, now that I’ve finally decoded one.

Enjoyed playing this very much! I played one game in two sittings, tho it could have been very easily finished in one. Generating/exploring systems was very quick after getting the hang of it with the first two. The message interpretation i ended up with gave me some space horror vibes (in a good way)!

The only fuel star i ended up with was the very first one, so i ended up jumping back and forth btwn that central system and all others to refuel. It was fortunate that the system also had a human habitation so i could get that extra d4 of fuel so i was at least able to do round trips, until the very last system, where I decided to allow Kelvin one last desperate jump, without guaranteed fuel for a return trip. Alas, the system had no fuel star, but it was a great conclusion!

I had a question on Decryption though. “Roll until the target is too high to be hit or you fail a d6 roll.” i thought this implied that the game ends once you fail a d6 decryption roll, but the Game ending conditions don’t include it. Since i had only one more system to explore, i just continued anyway. Could you clarify?

This is a quick and enjoyable game. Easy to pickup and play. I used the included hex map but you could easily use any blank hex grid you’d like, or even just blank paper that notes the hex/jump distance between the two systems. Definitely worth a download!!

Yes!! Awesome.

Hi! Excited to read this! The link leads to a 404 tho

Just played thru my first time and died against the swarm behemoth ;_; Still, enjoyed it. Laughed at “mining magnate teen scum” and not being able to evade them. Stopped laughing when they killed my geologist npc hehe.

I had a couple of Qs.

  1. Does armor value go down as i take damage? I didn’t do this but i kept avoiding damage because of it. Which leads to a second related question…
  2. When taking damage from fleeing, do i take my armor value into account? I had armor 6 from a polymer weave armor, so with a 1d4 or 1d6 dmg from a failed flight roll, i ended up not taking any damage ever.

Thanks! Enjoyed this. :)

Wow, thank you so much!! That is very thoughtful of you!

I used this for a solo game of Cairn and really enjoyed the changing dynamic for the yes/no outcomes. I’m looking forward to trying the spark tables at some point.

I printed a couple of copies and am stuffing them into some of my other RPG zines to run with other game systems, since this is so versatile! Thanks for providing this as a free product.

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I ran Fever Black Mountain using Cairn and Barrow Delver (solo rules!) and had a blast. The 4hr time limit was very useful for solo play since it gave me a sense of urgency to get in and get out. One hireling died while another fled after the first encounter. We only made it through to the room of stuff, where we found evidence of the missing person we were looking for–a job I rolled up before the session. We figured that was enough proof of life/death, and my remaining hireling and I high-tailed it out of there, until the hireling ended up succumbing to the fever, as well. I expect that the Crimson Monks now have it out for my main character, and they’ll probably pop up at some point down the line, if I continue with a solo campaign. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful adventure as PWYW! It was very fun.

Hi there! I’m super excited to read thru this pamphlet (I’m a sucker for amnesia stories haha), but I wanted to print it out first. What was the intention for the 3rd page? Print, cut the white space, and fold? Thanks!

Loved reading the inspiration behind Plerion, and now adding Becky Chambers to my (long) to-read list!

So excited to hear that this’ll be part of your kits!

Yes! Let me know if you need ideas on how to start. I used the public domain grids from, imported as vectors in Scribus, and readjusted to the page.

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Exporting as Markdown file would be rad!!

Thank you for making this, very excited to try it out/use at the (virtual) table!

EDIT Spoke too soon and saw that the download zip includes Md now!

I’ve played this game a handful of times now (not counting the times I’ve immediately found the cat), and have been loving it as a super easy, setup-and-go game. There are times when it feels like it can turn into a slog, but then mechanics like rooms dropping away and blocking paths make it interesting again.

The last couple of games, I’ve been dealing the surrounding three cards around the starting card and then shuffling in the cat card, which has solved the problem of the game sometimes ending immediately.

I was also thinking of further modifying it by making the escape pod elsewhere in the deck, maybe keeping it face up (I’ll just close my eyes so I’m not cheating lol), so I know where it is. That makes the possibility of the starting card causing me to make noise, which might suck? But also might be interesting.

Fun game!

I’m modifying this to run with In the Light of a Ghost Star mechanics, and just ran a 1-on-1 game with it. (My first time doing 1-on-1, aahh.) We only had an hour and a half of play and got about halfway through. Ended up playing up the decay and eyes, and the player is digging the spooky vibes! I also really love the design of this and the ASCII map is :chefs kiss:. Very fun!!

I saw this in the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid and thought about this reply thread!! Thought you’d enjoy:

<3 Thanks so much!!

YES, I fully support all hacks to Good Dog. Boop the Bird? Hell yah! Snuggle the Snake? Ready for it! Glad you enjoyed it!

I legit have tears streaming down my face.