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Right! That makes sense. That explains why my green turrets worked because they were being fed by those seeds! Thanks for the reply! I enjoyed your little game. :)

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This game is insanely fun so far. 55 minutes went by and I lost track of it! I really enjoy the silliness of this game! 'Nothing better than a supply chain of cactus. :D

Also, you can put endless amounts of cactus on top of the Spicy / brown seed area in just one spot (the spot that appears to have seeds beneath). I noticed you prevent that with any area but those, was that intentional? Also, I have yet to see the spicy turrets shoot, I am guessing that was not suppose to happen. :o

I love the concept of this game a ton, don't be so hard on yourself! While it isn't feature rich, as expected from a game made in 48 hours, it still has a lot of promise. :) Definitely love what you made in that little amount of time!