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Thank you very much for playing it <3

It's a lovely little game! how many endings are there? I only managed to find two

Welcome <3

Thank you for the info. I've made the bonus folder free for the duration of the bundle. Great job with the bundle, I love that kind of initiative

Hello! I have just submitted my game ( and here is my inquiry: It is a free game but there is a paid bonus folder. Will the folder be included in the downloads for people who get the bundle? I would like for it to be. If that's not possible, that's ok, but it would be nice

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I would like to submit my game, Remnants:

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Just edited the credits, nothing big. The game won't receive any more content because I'm starting a new project

Thank you so much <3

Wonderful little game. I thought I was absolutely wrecking it only to barely defeat the final boss, which made for a very cool moment! thank you for making it.

great little game! combos are super satisfying to do

Really nice little game! protag is super cute

Loved it. Great atmosphere, and the camera shots are great. Thank you for making this!

Thank you ^w^ <3

Nope, there's only one ending! Not sure what you mean with that last part of the sentence

<3 thank you!

It's made in RPG Maker 2003!

Thank you so much for your kind words!!

Thank you so much! I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully I manage to make the next one as good

Thank you!!! I love your work a lot

Thank you! Some people didn't like the ending because it "didn't explain enough", so I'm glad you liked it

Thanks! I tried my best to make a good atmosphere, so I'm glad that worked out on your end.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my little game

Ah, yes I have heard about EasyRPG. Since I can't test for it I can't really mention it on the page though. Thanks for giving it a try!

Thank you for the kind words! There's not much I can do about the 4 axis thing unfortunately, RPG Maker 2003 doesn't let me do that. Hope you enjoy the game anyway!

Thank you! <3

Very excited for this!

Good luck on dev! Don't overwork yourself~

Uh oh

Same to you~~~

This was great. The ending made me very emotional.

Thanks for playin our little game! Yeah the game is pretty dang hard so you're not expected to collect every clue at all. Most people don't manange to beat it at all so I'm happy you did!

This nearly made me spill my tea lol

Thank you very much for playing our game! <3

Thanks for taking the time to play our game! yeah the enemies are meant to be somewhat hard to spot to keep the player on their nerves but it's a little too much sometimes.

Really cool and interesting! Love how the game recreates the tension of getting a phone notification, you never know if it's a bill or a friend messaging... I did get this strange thing but nothing game breaking.

Thank you very much! This is exactly what I set out to do, so seeing someone comment this is making my day.

Ah, cool! I don't speak a word of Russian so I can't really check it out but I'll add it to the main page.

Oh, that's very nice of you! Thanks!

REDO! community · Created a new topic Just wanted to say...

Thank you for making this game. It's very good, I love the atmosphere and art. Any chance of the soundtrack ever getting a release on bandcamp? Cheers