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June Flower

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Very good and well animated! Jayden is cute...

lmao small world

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I am a Saguya devotee now

Love this little game, I think this is one of your bests! thank you for asking me to make the soundtrack, it was a pleasure as always. Here's to many plays!


Fun shooting game! Congratulations on release.

I enjoy the pixel portraits~

another great entry to the BTNverse story! Love the characters

lookin' good! congrats 2 the whole team, can't wait for the full thing


nice game! it was a lot of fun.

hey! just letting you know people can't open yyp files, you need to build the application into an exe and distribute that instead

cute <3

Am I the dog or am I riding the dog? either way cool game

Cool game! I like how it feels like the same level but at different times. I had fun finding all collectibles too. Congrats on the release!

a beautiful tale I hope Mark is okay tho

got stuck at mario. what a miserable humbling experience, I greatly enjoyed it. Wario would be proud, thank you.

awww <3

Nothing of importance, just updating some rpgmaker stuff to work with everyone. wish itch would let me disable the notification to people haha

Thank you! <3

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Woah... this game was super good! Level design being the highlight, a lot of very good ideas and puzzles. I loved Hellven and the Dark Room the most, but every level was great.

Congrats on the release, if you ever make another game I'll be sure to play it!

EDIT: Made a lil fan art for you, hopefully you like it:

Sometimes I sort by most recent and try to find interesting small games that few people have played... And I think Cheese World is one of my favorite. The 3D rat. The melty blood music. The "cheese power". I love all of this game. Thanks for making this Imon it 100% made my evening

im just that good B)

Pretty good map! liked the progression from claustrophobic maze to overgrown outdoor ruins a lot, and the fake switch that you can walk through really got me lol

had a bit of trouble with the music...I'm assuming it's supposed to be sort of dissonant on purpose but it kinda got on my nerves after a couple loops. oh well.

Thank you for making this wad!

Great game, those backgrounds look amazing too. Congrats on the release!

beautiful thank you

Thank you for the video!

try dumping the content of the "rtp" folder into the main folder! It's a common bug that's been making me tear my hair out for a while... hope it helps, thank you for playing

there's a gradient on the ground that leads into the wall, it's in the room north of the egg aka the one with a teleporter, hope that helps!

393 sec and 12 deaths! Another banger from you. Great tension during the second fight!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you so much! <3

actually hold up *takes the crown off your head immediately*

A New Slug King Awakens

Thank you for the kind words! <3

Thank you for playing, and for the kind words! <3

Thank you for playing, and for the feedback! making the environments non-interactible was definitely a tradeoff,  both have their merit. Maybe I should go somewhere in between for my next project... who knows

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Thank you! <3

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Thank you for playing! Please don't reveal surprises though haha, I want them to remain secrets for most people -w-'