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June Flower

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REDO! community · Created a new topic Just wanted to say...

Thank you for making this game. It's very good, I love the atmosphere and art. Any chance of the soundtrack ever getting a release on bandcamp? Cheers

Whoa, lots of changes this week! Keep up the good work, the game is great.

Thank you so much!! This made my day!

This was pretty fun lol

Very nice little STG! I like the stars in the background...

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Pretty fun! I love little Pico 8 games

Not sure what the "rocks" counter is for though haha

Thank you! I'm trying my best!

Ayy my man congratulations on your first release!! Can't wait to play this!

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My favorite one so far! Also, the debug room is too easy to find lol

I really like this one! Relaxing. How many effects in total are in the game? It feels like I looked all over but could only find 5... Thank you for making this game.

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Been waiting for the release for a while, but it was worth it. This mod does the best thing a mod can do in my opinion: to dare make something that feels genuinely different from the base game. It was a very interesting experience, and I love the color scheme, too.