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looks great, probably my favorite monster from you yet!

the more smog you trigger, the more appears! These screenshots are good haha. The same happens with the nft apes so i had a run with like a 1000 of them in every area once

thank you haha

Yeah we just made the timer not kill you because it was funny and allowed for people to hang around if they wanted to. you're dead in real life though sorry about that

Proud of this horrible nonsense game we made. nipaah~

This was nice, great atmosphere and interesting concept for the world. Thank you for making it!

really cool and interesting. I somewhat wish there were less of those goofy nintendo assets because they kinda clash with the mood, but then again they were funny. I liked the music a lot too and the aquarium and seabed were my favorite parts. thank you for making it!

That would hella cause me to fly a kite man. Great little story, loved it

The writing is wonderful and the art is incredible and the clam is huge woah this is a huge clam that's such a huge clam wow

thank you for making this game

this happened to my buddy eric

I'm glad! thank you for playing~

da ride of ur life.....

no they are just hard. there is no randomness involved

Thank you very much! It's a very difficult one, so it's perfectly understandable.

thank you! and thanks for the vid!

thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you stuck with it to the end

Thank you for the feedback! The lack of coyote time is deliberate, I want people to always press jump before the opposite direction... It definitely is hard to get used to since most other games have it though! I hope you enjoy the rest of the game and story <3

Thank you so much! <3

also: thank you so much for the fan art! it looks super cool. from the youtube video I can see that you didn't make it past chapter 1, there is no saving in the middle of a chapter.

Thank you for trying it out! There is no 'saving' per se but you can select any of the 11 chapters from the main menu.

Wow, thank you very much for this! loved reading all of it. there's actually a death sound but it is very subtle... I think it might get on people's nerves otherwise.

no :)

very mysterious game! I like the art, especially the main character. I could only find three cards... I must be missing something. congrats making this game!

This game is beautiful and mysterious and has secret walls that you can walk through (the good stuff). Love the strange mood and the story. I hope to find every worm.

I will forever be thinking about chibi-gordon


Very good and well animated! Jayden is cute...

lmao small world

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I am a Saguya devotee now

Love this little game, I think this is one of your bests! thank you for asking me to make the soundtrack, it was a pleasure as always. Here's to many plays!


Fun shooting game! Congratulations on release.

I enjoy the pixel portraits~

another great entry to the BTNverse story! Love the characters

lookin' good! congrats 2 the whole team, can't wait for the full thing


nice game! it was a lot of fun.

hey! just letting you know people can't open yyp files, you need to build the application into an exe and distribute that instead

cute <3

Am I the dog or am I riding the dog? either way cool game

Cool game! I like how it feels like the same level but at different times. I had fun finding all collectibles too. Congrats on the release!