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Yes, this is the best one, have all the stars!

Short, sweet, gameboytastic. I adore your seasonally-attired trees.

This is great! Realising you'd implemented fog of war was a nice surprise. You should flesh this out, I would love a version of this with procgen levels.

I liked it. There's something about the anticipation of the next note that music engenders that makes the spaces between stars interesting. A worthy experiment!
Also, my downstairs bathroom is currently being demolished and I found the combination of jackhammer noises and a slightly wonky piano solo to be extremely charming.

Unless I'm missing something, it seems to be impossible? You can only defend one square per tick and the snow/fire/leaf men spawn faster than that?

Cute everything is cute.

I like the way the title and game over screens are integrated into the world, it's a nice touch. Also those slimes can be surprisingly tricky which made for some interesting game play.

I'm using Chrome and have an onboard soundcard, if that helps.

Cheers, thanks.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, there isn't really anything else to do - if you beat the minigame you get a small prize but that's it.

Would you mind letting me know what your computer's specs are? The engine isn't optimised at all and I'd like a benchmark for what kind of hardware it runs poorly on.

Really slick brawler, great presentation.

I might just be bad, but I found that once an aerial spawner had a big enough cloud of mooks on it there wasn't really a way to get to it without taking damage. Kinda frustrating, but cool.

I'd like to thank God, and the academy, and all the people who had to get abducted for me to be here today. They are the real heroes.

Good lil nostalgia trip, the tartan hill texture is extremely cute.  I had an issue where the music would loop very abruptly and adjust its volume seemingly at random. When I got to the top level it briefly became extremely loud and distorted, dunno if that's the web player being terrible or what.

Why will you not take my 16200 slimebucks? I played this for two long, well done.

I won! That was pretty enjoyable. I didn't notice the "switch places" button until I'd kited a group of enemies halfway across the map to my stronger character. D'oh.

I made it to 126, woo!

I broke free of the play area somehow and went flying into the void beyond the green mesh. Three thumbs up.


Level two was my favorite, having to master Velcroid's strange jump arc made it quite satisfying.