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Memory leak!!!

Aww thanks! This is such a lovely thing to hear, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game :)

Nice! I'm really glad to hear that as its just too much fun, good luck with your projects! :)

I know I've already left a comment and it might sound like I'm joking but this game is a masterpiece, It's so good I've done a playthrough almost every night for the past few days. I love it so much

Thanks :3

Aww thanks for the feedback! That would be very cool if I were to come back to this, I was also thinking about things that could refract a white laser beam and make rainbow lasers, like a prism, or decoy fish that break apart like trash, but I didn't have too much time as I heavily procrastinated haha :)

This is a very lovely game

Bloody hell this looks amazing

This is quite cool! I love the video :)