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Julie Roberts

A member registered Jan 04, 2021

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Nice idea!!!! Plus if you like slow burning romance then the routes perfect... It has some scenes which can make you go "Awwwwwwww😍"... I like passionate kinda romance more that's why I thought the route was a bit less romantic than the others.... For me at least...😂
But you're gonna enjoy this I'm sure....✌

Yeah that's exactly why I'm a bit disappointed.... I've played all the available routes yet... All of them were amazing... But I won't say you shouldn't play James route... It was longer then the rest but the story was just awesome!!!! The ending is a bit unsatisfying... But the route is still worth playing.... Its amazing... The story and all... Will be even better if you're more into slow burning romance... A bit too slow burning romance...😅 But over all... I still enjoyed the story.... So you should try it too....

Maybe... But that's my point,... For the other routes the Plus version is meant to be longer cuz it has steamy scenes.... But at least the story seems complete and satisfactory.... In James route it seems like you need to play the Plus version to complete the story to... Not just for steamy scenes....🙁 Oh and yeah... I play the normal version...

So over all... I loved the storyline... Though I really think that the romance was toooo slow... Like only two chapters with only a moment of romance.... Even the epilogue was romanceless.... And about the epilogue... It kinda felt incomplete....
Like... Caine went to his father to talk right??? What happened then??? WHy didn't he reveal the actual story behind MC's parents' death??? Its all just assumptions till yet.... ANd I would have liked to see at least SOME of the future with James... Like how did he settle in human world after this??? Did he become a super too???

So all in all.... James route left alot to be answered... The main story was amazing but I think the other routes carried out the romantic scenes much more nicely.... And felt complete....

Cool!!! Will be waiting for it!!!

Awesome dude!!!! So when's the game gonna be completed approximately??

Will do... Thanks...❤❤ Keep up the good... no, GREATT work....❤

Do I have to download it again??? Or will the old version be updated itself???

Ya played it too!!! That game was also really interesting... Made any changes in that too???

Sounds AWESOME!!!!! Didn't wanted to say it myself though but you're right about the trashy art part...😅😅 I simply love the storyline... Will be waiting for this game then... Hope it comes out soon....❤❤

Guys??? How far to go if I want to have a relationship with a desire.??? I mean I've 2000 points for Ruko... Now what??? Nothing happens???

Oh great!!! But why the remake exactly??? Changing character art or something???

Hey!!! Just wanted to ask if this game is ever gonna release or not???😅 It was really interesting!!!!

Hey!!! Just wanted to ask if the full version is out yet... Or will it ever be out???

Hey guys!!!! I just wanted to know if there's any estimated release date for the game now... I saw the last update about the issues you were having... Are they solved yet???

Gotcha!!! All the points are completely understandable (Specially the price increase one... Cuz I have to buy my games from my own pocket money which takes a lot of sacrifices... 😓😅)
Only one route to go!!!! That's definitely a good news... Best of luck then!!! Will be waiting for the full game!!✌

Oh... So how about releasing the routes one by one... There's this game "Tailor Tales" which I played and it does the same.... It has 3 released routes and 4th will be released this year... 2 more will be released next year... This helps to keep interest in the game and buy some time for the next routes...

Just a suggestion though... I'll still be waiting for the game eagerly!!

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Cool!!! Can't wait for the full game!!! When is it gonna release btw??? Any rough estimates???
P.S. I simply LOOOOOOOVED Caleb~~~ Can't wait for the full route...
P.S.S No I'm not a masochist!!! He's just really cute... And even though he acts tough.... He has a really cute soft side...❤

Hey dude!!! Played the demo today... Absolutely loved it!!!!! When are you planning to release it??? You said feb of 2019 but since it's long gone... any new deadlines???

Solved it!!!!! Yep, you totally forgot...😂😂 The first one is blood... I tried it hundred times like Blood and it didn't work....😅I missed the capital B by mistake and it opened...😂 2nd's "Arm" and 3rd "Hansel".... Cracked em all!!!😁✌😂 But thanks though...😊 The game was AWESOME!!!!!! Specially cuz I REALLYYYY Love absolutely ANYTHING with a horror theme!!!! So Loved It... I have played it like 3 times now...😂😂

Great to know!!!! I just needed a rough estimate as to how much I needed to wait...😅 But this game seems worth waiting for!! Good luck :)

Hey Guysss!!!!! Just played teh demo and wanted to say that the demo was awesome!!!! When are you planning to release the full game???

Heya!!! I Can't open the cabinets... The very first one.... Can you please tell me what it is.... I'm so confused and stuck...😓😓 Second one might be "Hand" right??? Jeez.... I even forgot the stories by now...😅😅

Ahoy mateys!! What's up???  Haven't heard from any of you recently??? What's up with the game????  All well???