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Thank you so much for the sweet words! They mean a lot to me! :)

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you!! It's very kind from your part!! But again, it's not required, okay?
I'd love to take a look on your game! 
Good luck with development and hope this assets be helpful on your project :)

Hi! It would be a kind thing crediting me on your game :) but it's not required. It's free to use on both, commercial and non-commercial projects. It's also consoles QA friendly, once it was first made for using on console versions of Super Wiloo Demake and i'm also using them on my other consoles games.

Sorry, if it's not possible to play this game with the gamepads of your preference :(

I believe this feature would be a nice one! But also could interfere for other player that just want to connect the Xbox 360 gamepad (or other xInput compatible) and play...

Thank you for your feedback and for your kind words. I'm really glad that you feel this way about this game :)

Only Xbox 360 controllers and Keyboard are officially supported (as on descriptions on stores and inside "how to play"). 
Maybe JoyToKey could be an option in your case, but it's not officially supported.


This game actually works using Xbox 360 controller or Keyboard/Mouse.
Both are active during gameplay
Please, see "How to play" inside options or pause menu to see the Key bindings.