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Julia Luna

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Thank you very much for helping me ; )

Now I get it

Well there is a problem,every time I try to send youan email a message appears saying ''delivery failed for that recipient or group''

I'm really sorry for bothering you : (

I've got just 1 song recorded,in a 2 weeks deadline,I don't know how to wrote a new song.

Have a cheat for it? If there's you can say what I have to do?

Obs: I'm really desperate since English is not my main language,forgive me if I said something wrong : (

Record 5 songs in 2 weeks

How do I reach the goal and advance on Emmitt's path?

Obs: I want Emmitt SO BAD!!!

Rock Robin Game 

Well I'm trying to finish the game,complete the goal and stay with Emmitt Kirby,But every time it goes wrong and then give Game Over,somebody HELP ME PLS!!

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Which is the height of the boys ?

I loved your game,It's so cute



I wanted to date The Wolf : (

Thank you very much!

Julia Luna

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 @SweetChiel can you tell me Arya surname?

I want to make he and Maya on The Sims 4

Thank you very much!

@SweetChiel the game when you finish it will be free? I would pay if that was the case but I don't have any money/reais(Brazilian Real).

Thank You

Julia Luna

When the game will release?