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I think you would have to use a C extension to achieve that.

Thank you! That was my main goal for this jam: to try and polish the game as much as possibl. I'm glad you feel I did succeed, if only a little.

Hey! Thanks! That's what took the longest so I'm really happy you appreciate it!

But ?!? Who needs a pause when they're playing with cats ?!?

I did pass the first turn by sheer luck and never managed to do it agin! That game is tough!

I didn't quite understand all that was happening but when it was real fun when I managed to start chain reactions.

Nice art and sound. Are more levels planned?

As others have pointed, the first two or three levels feel meh, and then it gets tougher and it feels like the game is playing with your mind with the superpositions and more erratic movement. Very unsettling but very fun! I wonder how you could elaborate on that idea. Nice job!

Haha! Real nice! I couldn't do better than 13.15s but I was always drawn to try and do better. Quite addictive. Also, as others have said, nice art and sound. Very compeling entry.

That diamond and gold bar are mine!

I couldn't get past level 11!!! I like how the action and tension ramp up. That related to my only con for the game: I wish there was no interruption in between levels, that you would be dropped automatically to the next one after a second or two without having to click on the go button. Besides that tiny point, very enjoyable game!

Simple yet efficient. A good mini-game. Would be even better with sound FX. Do you know of BFXR?

Very nice puzzle game. I wonder if removing the 2 blocks only tiles would make too easy and break balance. At the same time, that would maybe put the emphasis on each puzzle completion speed more, which would make the game more frantic. Maybe worth a try?

Simple but efficient idea. Maybe you could add difficulty levels, with more erratic or faster movements. Good game!

Wowow, very engaging concept, graphics and sound design! I love the frantic action!

The jumping mechanic is really smooth and is a good base for a game. You should work on adding some more challenge.

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Nice game! I like the simple controls. That balloon hitbox is smaller than the balloon itself which sometimes makes the game feel unfair. Maybe you could tweek that a bit.

OK, I won the game! Now where's my car?!?

Fun little game that exactly matches the theme!

Super simple but addictive gameplay, good job! Is it possible to win (I stacked 12 levels)?

Tough but very enjoyable game. I had trouble with the controls at first as I exepected the arrows to actually steer the truck's direction but once I got pas that, the game delivered (huhu)! Good game!

My best time is 13.1s. Nicely executed concept with consistent art and sound design (love the C64ish palette). Good job!

Nice concept! We want more! I love the cover art, you should use the same aesthetic inside the game.

I Love the fresh take on Space Invader mixed with Ghostbusters. Good art and sound. Good game!

Nice rythm game! With a less electronic music oriented mood, that's rare! Slick entry!

Hey! Thanks for the nice words and thanks for giving it a try all the way to the end! That means a lot!

About the text, I was to lazy and wanted to avoid programming another scrolling. That's why the text is so compact. Probably easier to read when it comes from your own brain! 

Took me quite a few tries to finish it! Tough! As others have said, the aesthetic is brilliant and fits the gameplay perfectly. Very very good game.

It's so haaaard!!!

I remember asking you to do a version where each sequence would just continue the previous one, the intention beingto flex the memory muscle. I remember you kindly gave it a try and we agreed it wasn't that satisfying. Playing the game again after some time, I still think that "muscle memory" muscle could be teased with random sequences of predefined patterns. Like chains of classical Street Fighter moves or the Konami cheat code pattern. If that makes sense.

Great entry!!!

The planet is safe. For now... Really nice entry!

Wow! Sound really adds a lot to the game. Much more dynamic! I like the simple aesthetic. Is it finished though? Or am I just bad at it?

Very fun! You did capture the essence of toddler parenting.

Fast action! I like the way the tension builds up real fast. I'd love to have sound to heighten the pressure. Great game!

Super good art and sound design! I did catch some beers, but not many... It's so simple and really quite adictive. Like beer...

Wow! Very solid submission! I loved the sound design too! Great game!

Very slick! I like that you can pick up the projectiles you throw if you missed. Nice game!

As I told you in the discord, I think this is a really good game. With a mouse, I finally managed to finish it. I liked the final "shield twist". Bravo!

You know what? Sometimes the simplest mechanic is the most fun! Good job! ( I really wish that game had a ladder )

I liked the game mechanic. I wish the reet timer wouldn't be so fast as I think it would be nice to have the play area get filled with more obstacle.

Solid entry for a first game!!!

Great entry! Very polished! I feel like the difficulty curved is correctly paced. Very solid entry.

Oleoleoleee, has they say in samurai movies. Thanks a lot for the kind words, as always !!! The fixes discussed on the discord should make the game easier, meaning more playable: controller supporta and better hints for the destruction cycle.

Great game that made me understand I have no future in the smoothy industry. What's even greater is that there probably millions of way you can expand on this concept ( mixing different ingredients, special commands, bigger or smaller glasses, etc )

My only issue is with the wasd mapping only.