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Played the game and reinstalled it, the cheat doesn't work even if I try pressing the cabinet in the living room of MC's house. Was it removed or do I have to trigger an event to unlock the cheats again?

Edit: Nvm I found it 

More Lena in spats and upskirt content pls

Thanks dev, I've always been intrigued with Luna's story in the game so it's something very appreciated

Btw how can I unlock the Forbidden fruit in the gallery?

Holy fuck never ceases to amaze me Caribdis, hoping more content with Luna

Does anyone have a save file where you've already started interacting/talking with Macy's alter ego? 

Download links aren't working

Didn't work, I've been playing but she didn't informed me

Btw, I enjoy how diverse the characters are, and I like how you've given them different ethnicities.

It's a bummer that you can't choose Juna or Yuni  to be your wife but that aside the game is fucking great

Is this a sandbox type?

Next quest after finders keepers?

I already filled the fossil exhibit but the quest still doesn't change, if I dig up a fossil and have it assessed to Missy it says that I already donated it. I hope it can be fixed

I can't download the Android version of the game since it's in a zip format for PCs. I hope you can fix it.

Is this a sandbox type of game?

Can the old saves from previous versions be transferred when there's a new update?

Thank you, Dev; your VNs are always fantastic and filled of rich storylines. Eternum and once in a lifetime changed my view on VNs.

Thanks Dev, I hope you can do it.

Great game. Looking forward for future updates of the game.

The game is incredible, is it possible to use my saves from 0.2 to 0.3? I don't want to lose my progress and start all over again. Thanks.

Is it possible to have an Android port of the game? since it looks incredible.

Can't believe this game was legit after seeing it at Serenity

Darci is hot af 10/10

Can you do anything to help Emiko's big sis?

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More scenes and actions with IIzanami would be great, overall game is a 10/10 since 2 of my kinks are present in the game LMAO.

Game is a fucking bomb. 10/10

Are you supposed to accept or refuse the deal with Astaroth???

Well it's fine, Im just more into the sandbox type of game. 10/10 must try

Can you control where you want to go in the game? Like if it's a sandbox type of game

There's potential, I'll be waiting until there's an Android version


Good Game with good animations and characters especially Evie. But how can I unlock the morning quickie scene with Lucy?

An Android version would be cool. Nice animation on the characters too.

How can I unlock all the scenes in the gallery, cuz I already finished some characters story but there are still locked

Yo thank you very much

How can I find the girl in violet I'm playing on mobile thanks