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I had a lot of fun with this one! It's always nice to play a short horror game every once in a while. 

This Game was so well designed. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible and I can't wait to see more. Bodycam Horror Games are going to become the new hotness lol.
Heres A Playthrough (2nd Game):

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These are always super fun! 

This Game was Great!!!  Dev did an amazing job.

The most cursed game ever...and I love IT!   

I actually enjoyed this one alot!  Gave a tiny review at the end as well! 

I loved this!  The Unique 3rd person view made it so fun for me! 

This was different  and such a fun experience. What I thought was going to be relaxing turned out to be much more than that lol Thanks for a good game Quwatz!

Good Game!  Would be cool if it had a floor checkpoint system though. Also would like to see a hiding element.

Bro I Almost Had 2 Heart Attacks! Definitely Make This A Full Game.

This game was Hilarious! Good Job Dev lol

This was so good!  This is a must play and if you don't believe me watch this!  Good Job Dev

Yo...this almost gave me a heart attack lol I think I got some of the best scares playing this. Great Game!

Hilarious Game and definitely something I think everyone needs to experience to brighten their day up! 

This was surprisingly a very fun challenge! Really cool idea and frightening! 

I Had SO Much Fun Playing this One! I had a CRAZY Jumpscare that almost took me out lol! Great Game! 


I loved this so much! It really took me back to the time frame I started getting into horror related things. Awesome experience! 

I legitimately enjoyed my time on this game and it shows!  lol Can't wait to see more in the future!  

This game was actually pretty good! Had a ton of fun and got a good bit of jokes in. Great Job Dev!

This game almost gave me a heart attack! So creepy and very good atmospheric horror ambiance. Definitely recommend this one. Great Job Dev!

I was SO TERRIFIED lol! Great Game! 

IF you genuinely  want a good scare and some laughs definitely check this game out! I  loved it! 

This was the funniest game with some good jumpscares! I love these games, GOOD JOB!