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A member registered Apr 23, 2020

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damn, selling AI generated art for $8!?

man i love AI generated sprites! - said nobody ever

please stop posting all this AI generated stuff

bro's really selling AI generated art


day 80 of not having any new assets from LYASeeK - i dont know how much longer i can hold on :(

<3 amazing as always

top down please hahaha

i have no words, you have done it again. Absolutely perfect LYASeeK!!!

Could we get some larger creatures/units aswell? Bosses, ogres, giants, cyclops etc? 

Also some small creatures like, slimes, rats, dogs/wolves. 

Maybe some flying/floating creatures? Wasps, eagles, bats, crows. 

Maybe just a pack of all animals would be cool! 

Thank you again!!!

absolutely AMAZING work LyaSeek!! literal perfection! 

Glad to see these are all unique and not just 100 re colors of the same sprite like some people’s assets on here.

another thing, i have created some of my own sprite sheets of some new unit variants of the ones you've posted, such as a brute, fire and shock mage. any way i can send them to you? you can put them in a new pack if you like

yet another flawless track, truely amazing. 

how you've managed to capture the feeling of actually being in a shop, browsing the goods, amazes me

my favourite track you have made! amazing

brings back so many memories

amazing music, i have listened to every track. Absolutely amazing work sir. 

Can i suggest a series of magic units? fire, shock, ice, earth etc? can i also suggest a series of just animals? i love the Wargs and wolves in the orc pack, and the bear in this pack, i'd love a pack with just animals. 

other pack suggestions: Elves, Cyclopse, Brutes and other Large units, Ninjas/Asian theme, Cavemen, Flying units eg Eagles, Artillary units, Ballistas, Hwatchas, Catapults, Cannons. 

Thank you again, i Love your art style and packs.

YESSSS!!! FINALLY A NEW PACK! thank you thank you thank you!! I will be adding these to my game ASAP. please keep these going! do you also take paid comissions if i want to request certain units or unit types? (Which you can then also sell on ?? thank you LYASeek!!

hello i love this tool, but is there any way to be able to use this so i can randomly generate faces inside my game? or do they need to be created here and exported as individual sprites