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To be honest, I'm unsure. I ended up getting extremely burnt out on game development after making it, took almost a full year off and then tried my hand at a different project, which was helping! But my problem lies in that I don't feel like the plot of the game was 'good enough' to publish, and I am a one man team

It may eventually undergo a finalization, but since it took such a large toll on me as the sole developer, I am unsure. Life has been insane and I'm just trying to focus on projects that bring me joy which, unfortunately, runic world was not doing in it's last month or so of demo development :(

Thank you so much for your interest and investment though! I really appreciate it :)

Me realizing I wrote up a whole synopsis and just... Completely forgot to include it DX

Oops! But this is just the alpha build release, so errors were bound to happen I suppose

OHHHHH MY GOOOODDD I LOVE THIS?!?!???!? I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH.???? OHHH I'm sitting here in awe thank you for this it's means so much to me for reals and I'm so glad you liked it so much!!! ; W ;