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OK, thanks.


Thanks. Ordered.

Was this included in the Kickstarter?

I don't quite get combat. You roll under your stat but over your opponent's AC? So, what AC ranges do you use?

Do you have a link to the Bullpup system? I don't see a last name for Alex.


Do you have a play example? I'm a bit unclear on how this works.

Did I miss something in the copy above telling me this isn't done?

Oh yeah. I was looking at this page. I see it now. Thanks!

I thought I preordered this but cannot tell.

I don't suppose there's a printer-friendly version?

So, Other Summers has a page but isn't ready to download, right?

I thought this was inspired by It, but the rules say nothing spuernatural. I clicked the link to Other Summers but got a 404. Do you have the supplement?

Excellent game and setting. I highly recommend it. 5 out of 5.

Got this on Drive-Thru, but didn't know it was a supplement. Looks cool though, whatever it is.

So, I bought this and the book says to use random tables on page 88 0f Mork Borg but there is no page 88.



Oh, man. Do you have a version of this with just plain black text on a white background?

I had hoped this would actually be about a simulation in a Babbage Engine rather than just a universal ruleset.

They sent it in the middle of the night. Weird.

I bought this twice and didn't get the PDF either time.

How long is the core book?

I want to ask yu about using bits of this in a forthcoming game. Can I contact you somewhere?

Can I get in touch with you somewhere other than here, Jason?

Who did the art?


That would be excellent. This looks exactly like my kind of game.

Merc Tactics community · Created a new topic Mac?

This looks awesome. I don't suppose there is any chance for a Mac version?

I look forward to it!

I take it this is Windows only?

Any chance this will get a Mac release?