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Dear God, where do I begin.

Almost everything is broken or excessively rough. The voice acting and visual performances are "classic FMV quality." The quality of models and textures vary so significantly that I assume that any high res models are pre-purchased assets.

Now, a list of this game's most egregious faults in chronological order:

- The game is bloated to 12 GB only because the developers chose not to compress any of the video files. Without them, the game would be only 3.5 GB large.

- The floor underneath the 1st person title screen has no collision, so I immediately fall through the floor upon starting the game.

- The save feature is broken, meaning if you lose the game or fall out of bounds (which is much more likely to happen) you have to start the whole thing over.

- You can see the square developer grid by looking out the window in the first scene. Also, why bother allowing us to pick things up. This feature never shows up again and never has any practical use.

- There are typos and spelling mistakes in both letters and most subtitles.

- When the school scene starts, you spawn in the wall. This has the effect of making all your clone actors never spawn, leaving the professor to lecture to an empty room. (Also, colleges don't use school period bells)

-  You can repeat the receptionist's dialogue by moving backwards during the retinal scan. (Why did you fade to black and teleport me there anyway?)

- The elevator door in the basement doesn't exist, leaving an unpaired door frame that's partially clipping into the floor.

- The professor's and captain's flat planes appear as white rectangles before their video files start. This happens to everyone all the time from this point on.

- The black and white footage and subsequent character dialogue's audio is broken, leaving the player to stand in silence for minutes.

- The purple swirly void is a horribly low-resolution jpeg and has no practical use in game.


- The character using American Sign Language still talks to me audibly? How?

- The ship controls presented on the SOMNIUM do nothing. Was this a cut gameplay segment? (Also, grey text over a grey control console isn't good for readability)

- You can see the edge of the green screen on the Professor's rectangle. This appears on numerous characters' rectangles from this point on. 

- The first dream sequence is a laughable attempt at surrealism. At least the giant coffee stapler was kind of cute.


- The nightmare dream sequence is a laughable attempt at horror? Suspense? What the hell was that even supposed to be?

- The fight between the Captain and ASL occurs between these two characters' rectangles... which are placed across the room from each other. In practice, this looks like both characters struggle against themselves ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE ROOM before ASL falls over. Wow.

- The final surreal sequence felt pointless with the walking segments serving to pad the game's laughable runtime. 

- The blue place with the dream man didn't work right, with him being stuck in his idle animation. I eventually decided to end it all and walk off the edge of the map. Of course there was no respawn mechanic included, so this was game over for me.

Thus ended my experience with SOMNIUM: a concept that was clearly too vast for this student team to handle. They bit off more than they could chew and they paid dearly for it, creating an utterly broken and incomprehensible mess that is no fun to watch and even less fun to play. 

It's always a bad sign when the poster is the best element of a project. The  only solace anyone who plays this travesty can gain is by making their own sweet green screen movies with the included video files.

Please, please, please make a sequel soon.

- Satan

Great, thanks for the help.

My advice for filming would be to go with the best value to performance smartphone camera right now is the Google Pixel 4a with prices ranging from $220 to $399. It uses lots and lots of post processing and AI tricks to make its photos look way better than they have any right to be, so instead of paying for an array of costly sensors, you buy a phone with one rear camera that gets dolled up to an amazing degree; plus it uses a nice, stock version of Android.

Also, for the 4th Cultist Discovery where the party follows the entrails of the cultist one room over, what happens when we follow the entrails? Do we fight the cultist? Did he lose health from stabbing himself? Is he just dead on the ground for us to loot? Do we ignore his existance and make a separate 2D6 roll for the room?

I feel like all of my questions would be alleviated if there were any videos of people playing this game online, so I can see an example in action. Would such a video be something you would be willing to make?

Seems fun so far, but I don't qute understand catacomb confusion.

"according to the (2D6) result, draw an arrow where you actually enter the next chamber" doesn't make any sense to me.  If I'm in a circle with two ways one, one way which I came from on the left, and one which I haven't been to yet on the right, and I roll "1 hash mark to the right" on catacomb confusion, does that mean the hallway to the right is twice as long? Or does it mean chose the next hash mark to the right to leave, in which case I think saying clockwise and counterclockwise instead of right and left would work better.

Could someone please explain this to me? I feel like I could have a lot of fun with this game, but I'm just totally stuck on this detail.

Can't you enable a right-click in your mouse preferences

I also got to an animated video that just infinitely loads. 

Not a PC problem, my GTX 1060 and I7-7700 should be doing just fine

Hey Dennis, it's Ed from last year's ROC Game Fest. I interviewed you about The Sword and the Slime and A Shot in the Dark.

I'm doing another story on how indie devs have to cope with small or no budgets and the challenges / creative constraints they imply. Would you be interested in another interview?

I don't know if you can PM in, but get back to me whenever you can.

I only get about 10 fps with huge input lag.

I wun a GTX 1060 6gig and an I7-7700, so I should be set.

How can I fix this fps issue?