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Judge Beard

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Great concept! Obviously I could't play it, but the rules set seems absolutely sound.

Love the look, the sideways animation on the cat is lovely. Invisible platforms can be a bit frustrating though! Managed to beat it after 2 game overs.

Shooting mechanics are absolutely fantastic. We had a lot of fun figuring out interesting lines of shooting and long shots. With a bit of thought put into the placement of the 'gravity spheres' (or w/e it is you call them) you could create some really interesting levels.

Can't play this on Win 10, Windows defender auto removes it thinking its malware.

Also reminds me of this meme

Great fun! A lot of room to expand mechanics, and I really dig how the change in backgrounds can make it harder, promotes being better and really makes it rewarding when you play it a few times and start to hit all or most of the projectiles.

Fidelity on the controls is a bit awkward, building walls as the defender feels kinda pointless. Maybe they could take more hits to break too? That said though, just had great fun chasing the attacker for two minutes.

Great game, art, and concept. I can definitely see this being developed a lot more, great foundation.