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Yes, you can use them, you can find them in the github repo:

Hi ! You can already play it on PC using the link in the description on this game page. You can even enable fullscreen mode. Check this image:

Thanks for supporting Linux

Its very ad-hoc, I just programmed what I needed, without references, a couple of hours later, it worked so that's that xD

Yes, you can find the source code in my github:

That's weird, for me it works :<

There is no need to install plugins. Firefox should work out of the box.

Try pressing the "X" key in the keyboard

I'd like a Linux version too, or at least a windows version working in Linux using Steam Proton (but I had no luck)

I won ! What a cute game :3

@all  You need to mouse click "GO" button on top of the controls/player selection screen to start the match

Sorry for the confusion, I agree is not the best player selection screen made but this was developed in a weekend only  ;)

Beautiful story, thanks!