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you should put a price on it.

this is a good game i love it.

HARDCODE community · Created a new topic hardcode

always show pinkscreen, its that always happen??

othe sound and movement are good but the screen is pink.

i can pause the game menu but when i enter the game its always pink screen.


Raft community · Created a new topic raft

help im getting pink screen all the time when i try to run the game but its ok the sound the movement but the screen is pink.

please help.

idont know how to fix it.

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is this really necessary to upload hentai game here cuz if its i will upload all my hentai games that i make a year ago hehehe

hope i wont get a virus in here uwu

i already play kimitsu no yaiba in my phone a few months ago made by you  and it was so cool hope to see more of your amazing work uwu