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you might want to post on Game Assets Instead and not on Games Releases

The game is cool but here a video where i clip the floor xD (Works everytime)

+ Really cool platform idea;

- Needs harder enemies, its possible to beat the game without dying of not enough energy;

~ I see this game in the future, on Steam with a Multiplayer platform-racing-fps game.

try using the direct download instead: like this

nothing happens thats the problem :/ and idk if is here or not :/

the download isnt working here :(

you need to put the data file with the exe to work xD


Maybe some enemies we need to avoid will be great :3

maybe next version some background music, and reactions if isnt a well made Tortilla

Very funny game indeed good work :D

Cool Game :D

tell me something later and ill make a new gameplay with the update :)

I Am a Rock community · Created a new topic Gameplay

Fun Game :D

short but cool


With some work will be a good game indeed