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Fantastic! Wonderfully crafted story all around, kept me captivated until playing it all the way through (to the 3/3 ending, might check the others out later).

In the mechanics the only item I felt a bit annoying was the chase sequence leading into the family tree hall, to figure out what exactly I need to do there while repeatedly dying. Still, a relatively minor hiccup.

Wish there were more such stories around, the lore unfolding was a haunting, amazing experience, how everything tied together. Scary, but in a good, exceptionally well-written way!

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The endgame feels a bit disappointing unless I ended up missing something crucial.

It is quite a grind (well, it is an "idle" game, but after the very nice pace up till going for the University, hoped the pacing would stay) to go up to researching all techs with Electricity at the very end. That I couldn't figure out, it does work, I got electricity generation going all right, but the few production buildings using it, I couldn't even spot the benefit of supplying them with electricity.

If setting the end goal of researching all upgrades (which I presume would get Progress up to 100%), that seems technically impossible to achieve. A single library would hold 620K research of each fully upgraded. The biggest target seems to be the coffee field's last growth speed upgrade at some 39 billion Luxury research points. To hold that, nearly 63000 fully upgraded libraries would be necessary, that is, approximately an 500x500 grid filled up entirely with libraries (2x2 tiles each) only. The game field seems to be only ~150x150. With good city management the maximum storable research feels like would be somewhere around 50 million.

Really nice game, if it ran out of steam by this point, a bit sad. Hope it could be finished, even if maybe only tidying up the endgame to have a more satisfying ending (with an option to keep playing, but clear that the progression ended, with only those upgrade options left which are realistic to reach with the game's finished state).

Though I hit a snag now, not realizing the University needs Luxury research, and a lot of it.

Guess we are dying of chocolate poisoning now... For science! :D

Unless I missed something essential, this feels a fair bit out of place compared to how well I found the game's mechanic working otherwise. Chocolate seems to be the only item generating Luxury research with everything sub 200K already researched, and only the Manager consumes it (so not much useful for the population). This was one of the very few elements of the game I tried and seemed like just not being worth it - so ended up without pretty much any Luxury research until this point, when I am doing this just to meet that target.

Wow, such an incredibly well designed city builder! I am surprised it is able to work so well like it does in a web browser.

I got to bronze age with a population of nearly 3000, where the technological limitations started to creep up (Chromium), might be nice to release a native version if at all possible. The sort of simulation the game does just needs the computational resources.

The progression and mechanics feel incredibly good and intuitive, easy learning curve, the pixel graphics is pleasant to look at, though maybe could be refined here or there (notably the buildings for chocolate feel very out of place in the era they pop up, a few buildings like the horse mill could use some animation). But it works, and it is nice to see all those tiny people going about doing their stuff.

So far I also rarely got into a situation requiring much waiting, if approaching the game right, there is enough stuff to do to have the necessary research happen while doing it, if it isn't so, the city probably needs structural improvements (like, have enough clay tablets for the campus to work? have wheelbarrows accessible for production buildings and markets?)

The game has no sound, which may seem a bit strange at first, but then it ended up feeling nice that I can just listen to whatever I like while playing it.

This game has some very interesting unique mechanic from which quite a challenging gameplay emerges, with the AI being decent enough (Hard & Aggressive settings) to be able to appreciate it.

I see a few here mentioning difficulty understanding it: You are the blue player (on the top), you can click on a cell you control, which rotates it 60 degrees clockwise, and that's your turn. You capture all cells connected.

If this was played among human players (wish it had local multiplayer option!), would suggest Obliteration as target (or like Go, both players passing, or a resign), as the mechanic sometimes implies strategies involving changing large areas back and forth.

Unfortunately the game seems quite fragile on my Firefox browser, crashing it often, seems to work all right in Chrome.

Fun little game. Got 479 at first try, of course depends a bit on luck. Might be a nice one to teach some math to young kids as well, especially in the numeric range where it is most needed to develop a routine skill for basic arithmetic.

Neat idea! A bit short (could do it in some 15 minutes), but fun. The last level was quite an interesting surprise.

What I missed was a reset option, often I would see, dammit, I had mistaken, or accidentally tapped in an extra move - was annoying to tap the remaining moves through to restart the level.

And of course maybe a bit more of it!

Found a strat to keep the field playable for much longer, but really wish the game had a means to save. Even drawn out very long, could be an enjoyable time-waster if it was possible to do a run over the course of several days in small stretches.

Fun game, but if doing well, seems like the endgame gets too boring to be able to complete a run.

Eventually it becomes impossible to match (a couple of level 6 towers sitting around along with various lower level ones, gold possibly ran out after desperately keeping on hitting remove basic elements if that was chosen), and then it would be pretty much just trying to arrange them as best as possible to see how long it can last.

However there are too many swap, and enemies neither get a lot stronger between waves. Looking at the high scores... Who has the patience to sit around fiddling two items for so long?

If there is a way to discard items / towers, couldn't find it.

Wacky :) Sometimes indeed keycombos will end up doing unintended stuff, still very much worth it! Short (if you can figure this sort of stuff out), but fun!

Interesting concept!

Though runs too slow here (Firefox)... Got bored at a score of 683 on wave 77, with a setup where it seemed like I could go a looong way further (a few restore old defences, draw 2, upgrade & repair, stack top to console, with a well populated playfield connecting everything). I like the idea, just really needs some optimization in my opinion.

Huh, some nice idea and mechanics in here!

Sounds broken... Most likely, sir. I'll bet it was something nice though!

Nice, unique idea, just played it through in one go. The "player" behaves nicely in a predictable way... In retrospect! (Immediately realizing just why he walked still right into the spike trap again) And that's very well done, fun mechanics for this unique puzzle.

Awesome game, with a good dose of crazy design going into it to make it fit!

Managed to find the Wings after a lot of tries, and found it quite remarkable how diverse it can be, keeping on presenting new challenges and unique situations with every generation! Great little game all around, reading comments (including on the Pico-8 site) I see some bringing up that it may feel unfair at times, but I think that's part of the fun, you can't know whether you may end up being completely screwed. Or you just mismanage your items to lead to the same end. Keeps making one think, how to work around the unknown. Meanwhile completing the game doesn't take a lot of time, so a screw-up is neither a huge deal, well balanced in my opinion!

Huh, fun concept here! Would be nice to explore it more, lots of opportunities to refine and expand, build it up into a pleasant puzzle game. With even possible extra challenges. Number of kobolds saved from the dungeons coming to my mind immediately as a chance to offer stretch goals to the player.

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This is beautiful, I really like the pixel art aesthetic, too! Just saying, I see the Steam version departed from it towards a more contemporary style, still, I like this :)

Edit: Played it through. Pleasantly challenging, and so rewarding to see everything coming to life!

I really like this, the presentation, both the graphics and audio, how the whole thing feels like. Saying this as someone who worked on narrow gauge railways, and on occasions coasted down the line riding small carriages, captures the experience very well!

Very pleasant game demo all around, played it through. Challenging, but forgiving for casual play, relaxing, with very pleasant aesthetics all around. Would be nice to see it completed some day!

This is easy, Right? Uh... Not so much when it is not Right! The 8x8 tiles & sprites work really well here to build up a pleasant minimalistic atmosphere :)

Very nice game, but the difficulty curve really feels like a sheer cliff. I can't figure out any way to deal with Stage 2.

Wow, managed to collect a score of 9 on this thing :)

I like it, quite some strategy involved, likely also affected by your ability to time your hits on the rolls (I am really poor at this!).

For me what I found working is roughly as follows: Start with merchants to fill the slots (less chance to roll too bad with dragons), then preferably 3 coin slots to allow for buying the better stuff. Do this until being able to get a few swords. Then slip in a few wizards (when not enough coins to get a sword) to allow for cleaning up a bit. Towards the end pay attention to cleaned reels to see where swords are the most needed (on the reel with the most dragons, or later the last dragon, swords are not useful).

I didn't find metal and furnace too effective, likely due to my lousy skill at timing my hits. Otherwise it seems to work best if focusing on one reel for furnaces, preferably grouped tight so to make it easier to hit them, and the other three reels for metal. The rightmost reel if you would like to try to get the furnace if you happened to roll metals, the leftmost if you prefer to try picking furnace first and try to gather metal with the further rolls.

Quite fun little game!