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wow very nice, it could be a great mobile game

I failed to pass level 3, good work

with a little more work it could become a good mobile game

I took 3 or 4 attempts to get used to the controls. I liked the look of the game, beautiful !

wow it's too cute, but it's too short too :'(

sometimes we get stuck in a corner and can't come back to the middlebut I liked the idea and the wave of hands  / ( *_*) / / ( *_*) / / ( *_*) / :) 

The game was developed by two developer, my part of the work I did it in english, but the second developer did it in French, and we had no more time to correct it. XD 

Sorry for the controls, i made them for  AZERTY keyboard . 

Thank you for asking, yes you can play until you can make the gun, and build a small base, it's around 30min of gameplay, I hope you will like my game. 

Yes it is planned for the game since the start, the game is made to be a multiplayer

Yes creepers should not be too hard to add XD

Very good tool. nice work 

moi je suis de Tizi Ouzou et j'ai jamais entendue parler de cette tradition  XD  

sinon très  bon jeu , facile a prendre en main et drôle en plus