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aw shoot, sorry about that! we used an open source dictionary and didn't do any filtering of our own :( definitely worth doing a sweep of it soon

Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ The book by the counter lists your remaining tasks for the day, but if I end up revisiting this game I'd make it show up in a better spot and probably accessible all the time. 

cook rice twice :) 

you have to type the word 'start' exactly :) let me know if you're still having issues!

Aw, thank you so much!! Part of this was definitely to give myself an excuse to type, so I'm really glad you're enjoying it :) hopefully our other games don't disappoint!!

hi! oh no, do you mean from your keyboard? shiba cafe is a typing game, so you'll have a hard time playing it without the t even if you get past the start screen :( sorry about that 

aw, thank you!! so glad you're enjoying this - hopefully our other games don't disappoint either :')

aa thank you so much for playing <3

ah!! there's a weird quirk in rice right now where you have to press enter twice (once to "combine it" and once to send it out) since it's both an ingredient and a recipe - we've fixed it on our side already, and it'll be coming out in v1.1 bundled with a bunch of other changes :) 

aw, thank you so much <3 super glad you're enjoying it, and I hope your friends are too!!

omg nice!! so glad you're enjoying it :) 

woh, what a compliment!! thank you, so glad you're enjoying it :)

yes, please do!! :)

wah really glad you like it!! congrats on a great score :)

yay, congrats!!

hm, that's weird - it does look like everything has been pushed down. Could you let me know what browser and version you're on, and what device you're using (pc, mac, windows laptop, macbook, etc)?

nice!! definitely no shame at all with that score - it's amazing that you can achieve that without having english as your native language :)

wow, what an improvement!! :D

woo, that's awesome!!

aw, thank you so much!! really happy you like it <3

woah, congrats!! now to break 1000 ;)

Looks like there was a mistake in the recipe book, sorry :'o a few things changed around while we were making this but the right one is on there now!!


aa so glad to hear!! thanks for playing <3

Oh no! Do you have a picture of what your screen looks like when that happens? This is how it should look.

yes this! looks like it takes a bit to load on lower end computers, so if you see a blank screen, just give it a few seconds to pop up - will definitely look to fix that and add a loading bar soon :)

Wah, thank you so much :')

We're definitely planning to keep working on this, so stay tuned for more soon!!

Hi there!! Thanks so much for playing, really glad you're enjoying it :)

Oh no, super sorry I missed the cat - he's in there now, in his full riceball glory. You can make him by cooking a bowl of rice and combining it with the seaweed!

this is adorable ;w; what a groovy rat

aw, thank you so much!! and thanks for playing :')

Hey Pazuzu, thanks a bunch for making this!! Absolutely love it, and it fits so well into the game. It's been stuck in my head for days hahaha. You're wonderful :'}}

Great! Can't wait to hear it :}

Hey, we'd love some music if you're down to take on another Halloween themed game. Progress here!