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those moon decorations look amazing!

Long time no see!

Been having a pause, but trying to go back on my feet.

If I may suggest a counterpart for the phoenix?

A crow/raven/dark bird of the night legendary palace.

I have been scouring the web for a crow/raven thing, but nothing.

Not necessarily, an evil bird, just a counterpart, the darkness to the phoenix’s light! It may look evil, but is not!


-A statue(s), I have been dying for these xD if it have a chained version, even better. Like a bird black bird with their wings spread open and then that same bird with chains all over it would be cool.

-basically a dark counterpart to the phoenix palace, really.

On another things, if you guys decide to do a giant flower pack part 2, That will be welcomed with open arms xD

Back after a seson only to say: you guys keep doing such amazing fantasy themes. Like, even if you could find some "Medusa" resources out there, there is nothing like this! Those snakes look amazing! Adding this to my wishlist.

I was waiting for this one. The day I thought about asking if it was near, you dropped the bomb, love that xD had to wait a little, but finally bought it and I don’t think anyone will suffer to make sun stuff again, thank you so much.

bloody hell, that is one scary tileset! Great job!

Forgot to say:

When I say "Sun and Moon" I meant them, as in separate things xD to make a castle for each in separate terms, I mean.

-Statues/Golems. Moon and Sun statues/Golems. To stand ready  in halls and wanots. That would be neat.

(1 edit)

Thanks! Looking foward to it! 😁


I got surprised here xD I came to post a suggestion for a pack(s) and found this new one. I don’t really like posting these in new packs because it sounds like “oh, cool, now go make more!”


So, sorry for this. but I gotta say: looking fancy!


Here is a suggestion for something I violently crave: Moon/Sun castle tileset. If separate, even better, but if together, I won’t complaint xD


I find myself lacking on ornamentation with the motif, especially for the sun part. There is just not a lot for it and what exist is divided in other packs and normally is not really specific for a “sun” theme (or rpg maker).


In fact, I think the only pack I have found that can be used in some way is yours, with cosmic dungeon (and if you know how to edit, maybe crystal castle would make a good exterior).  But since those are for dungeons and mixed together (cosmic I mean) … here I’m.


Some ideas to put for both cases: (all with their sun/moon motif as you guys see fit)


-Sigils (to decorate walls and floors with)

-Moon themed throne/Sun themed throne








-Silver and Golden Statues

-Moon/Sun orbs

-Maybe moon chairs like animal crossing?


-Hanging stars/moons/suns for decorations

-Stained windows (and if one of these is an eclipse, that would be cool)

-And PLEASE, a theme altar so I can finally sacrifice a sheep to mother moon or father sun or whatever nonsense I come up with xD

In the color department, I figure silver and deep blue for moon and red/orange and golden for sun… but I leave that to the experts.


Sorry for the long text, just trying to be clear!

If Im not wrong, this was my request, so no. I have no idea abouy that game .

For those who dont know, Kokoro Reflections has a twitter and you can check progress there and yet, still get your mind blown apart when you see the final result.

I was waiting for a flower tileset and this is just gorgeous. I LOVE the fact that there is sunflower and moonflower. Is one of my favorite thematics along with roses. 

Thank you so much for this work!

This is so weird, I like it!

Dang, you guys really be making resources fast and furious. Love it! xD

You guys get more and more creative. its amazing!

lol how those lab interiors got me. Adding this to my list! ♥

Wow. You guys are on fire lately, pack after pack. Great work!

Thats hella convenient. Thank you for the reply!

Not that it will change my decision to get this as son as posible (I was waiting  on this one really hard xD), but one question: the books with jewels and symbols, are normal size or big size? 

Bloody hell this looks amazing. Those rainbow backgrounds look so freaking cool! (wait, I think is a tile, right? XD still looks so cool!)

A great resource for those who dont know much about lighting!

Thats great! Thanks for answering!

Pretty sure you guys aren’t short of ideas for packs, but I hope a few more doesn’t bother you! PS: Sorry to let this here un the freaking most recent resource pack. I feel like Im asking when you are already giving so much.

Resource pack suggestions:

I really love flowers and how pretty they look in maps. But they normally are a complement rather than the first asset in other packs. So how about a pack about flowers, but with a twist… giant flowers!  

Im a really big fanatic for flowers. A forest of giant flowers is an idea I had before and would love to implement someday!


-Giant flower pack: A pack for big flowers (google: Giant fantasy flower to see what I mean xD) to use as decoration in gardens and forest of wonder. To make your own garden of eve or fantasy botanic heaven.


-Exotic flowers inside crystal tubes. Maybe an empty tube so you can put your flower of choice!


-Giant Sunflowers, Tulips, Dahlias, roses, spider lilies (I kill for this one, specially white and red versions), moonflowers, hydrangeas…

-climbing plants, hanging flower baskets. A Mana/cherry blossom tree... or never mind normal flowers, just weird fantasy flowers with twisted stems.


On the other hand:

Fantasy/Elven library:  library for all your library places, from royal castle, magic schools, ancinet forbidden library lost in time, etc.

-Wooden/stone floors, ramps and fences

-Big grimoires full of knowledge (open and closed). - Grimoires with covers according to their element (fire grimoire, water grimoire, dark, time, dead… this one was inspired by the statues and dungeons, as you can tell). Aka, elemental books!

-Bookshelves full of books.

- Sealed books (with chains, because it’s dangerous forbidden artifact of dark magic)

-book walls to create endless walls of books… or even book houses, who knows.

-Book stands, secret door behind books stands

-library stairs (the ones you put against bookshelves), Y  type of staircases to access the second floor and go left and right.

-book stairs, book doors (the last two is made of books, as a fantasy thing that shows up in google and might look neat. maybe)…

-Giant vertical big open book (and close version). Imagine using this big bad boy as a gateway to a faraway land.

-Scrolls because fantasy.


This one would be neat for me because I have a game in the making centered about special books and libraries, but sadly there is not much out there about  books, only standard stuff. 


this looks gorgeous and delicate ❤❤

got it! Thank you so much!

Question: How do I get this if I bought it from the other store? Is that an option?

The way you can make a limbo out of this. Fantastic work!

Nice! Thanks for the reply!

Sorry to bother with off topic question: Do you guys have plans for a steampunk set? Just curious about it!

I gotta say, this fantasy series is really original? as in, I didnt even think about it before! Great work! 

To anybody picking this one, I recomend taking the "KR Trees and Foliage Super Pack for RPGs" too to have a more trees to play with. The tiles DONT lack greenery at all, But if you are like me and love having more variety than you can  use, you will need it xD

Also, Im loving the statues and colums like hell over here.  

I LOVE those Griffin statues! and the artifacts so far!

I... I totally got confused with Inca and Aztecs xD thats why I asked for a Inca sun disck, I feel so embarassed xDDD In any case... *adds to wishlist*

Have mercy... those ornaments! 

You guys always keep thinking on what is not out there yet and provide just that. Thanks for working so hard!

That would be wonderfull or me!

Passing by to say: if you guys could consider adding a "Aztec Sun disc" to that! Im waiting for the Aztec, but I admit is hard to wait when you keep posting quality after quality. Im going crazy for those mermaid tiles!

Bought this a while ago and is such an amazing tile. I love it! The flower roofts are the best thing ever.

Happy new year! you guys work hard and it shows. I hope 2021 have lots of good things for your team!