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Relax, just go at your ritme. Is a good game, an amazing if i could tell, but just go step to step. You can do it and we will wating for you.

Good luck with the game!

Good luck and my best wishes to ShySeel!

I hope that can recover well.

Thanks to you for reply (^^)

Yeah, me neither men (u.u)

Relax, is gonna be update again, but there is the situation:

The team have a discord server where you can join and notice what are the stage of the game, also a patreon where they publish how is progressing the game, but now there are changing the game complety.

They created a new engine where they are making more things than in the before, and the demo whast good, they are gonna introducce more history before your character can become agent.

So, relax because they are working on it, but it gonna be late.

Maybe I'm not the one to say this (because i dont making a donation), but i really thanks the report that you make to say how is advancing the process of game, and i really love your game, but i really think that this proyect should be taking with calm. 

I dont know a lot about making a game but i know that is difficult program one web page, i wont want to imagine how stressful and hard is programming a game, and not only programming, designing, fixing bugs... with only two persons.

You are being supporting with donations, yeah, but is for supporting and help just a little to make better the game. You are doing a amazing job, really an amazing job, your game is in early steps yes, buy is really enjoyable and have a good challenge to play. Take this proyect with love and dont think this as a responsability, because there are already enough in the day to day.

Is really amazing all what you two have done with this game, and there are some players that would said the same, as will be people who are waiting for the next update with joy and happiness.

Good luck, and i really hope that you rest and solve all your problems (^^)

Dont worry men, keep calm and resolve the things that you are have to do, we are waiting (^^)

You can do it men, here we are to keep supporting and playing, just relax and make the game just like you want :D

I have to say: Is in early stage (like the introduction says) and is only make by one man, so, to be in this stage, only by one men is amazing.

Yeah, today you not cant play and make a lot of things, but hey, have a looot of potential and i will become great when the game have more advances.

Im truly amazing for your work and i hope that you can make your dream true men.

Good luck (ouo)/

Thanks for the little reflexion, maybe is not too much, but could give some minute to remember that life is tough, but it continues. Congratulations and thanks ^^

Thanks you ^^

I really like the game, and i enjoy the plot and all, but there is a bug where the tutorial of the battle cames coming and i cant choose that option :C

But, i really like it and i hope more content :D

I had a lot of fun here, i dont know if is true, but is the first time that a game says: "You are the top commander here!" Is a beautiful feeling :')

And the game is so simple but sooooo fun, i like very much.

Thanks you for making this game! :D