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Juan Villegas

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if this is a bad game, then what are mine? lol


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Thanks, I've been looking for something like this for a long time


This is just the font I needed for my web clicker game, thank you very much, here is for you to try

thank you so much

para que no te sientas solo bro te recomiendo ir a mi perfil y jugar a mis juegos ;v

Hello, I have tested your game and I have found an error when starting, when I try to run the application I get an error that says that the folder called "Ice Cream Madness_Data" cannot be found, surely this happens because you changed the name of this folder to " Ice Cream Jam_Data ".

The solution is as simple as renaming it to make the game work.

Now speaking of the game, the time it takes to create more ice cream is too slow so it is very easy to lose it, it would be great if you could mix several ice creams and not only be able to use a single flavor until finished 

I have created a clicker game using your asset, thank you very much

You should add a friend tutorial, or at least the controls

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I have created a clicker game using your asset, thank you very much

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Como vas ahora ? :)

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Es obvio que el tema de la jam seran los "DIAS PERROS"

Amazing ❤❤❤


Esta genial! ❤

It is great

Hello friend, I have some suggestions for your game.

I think that something fundamental in a video game is knowing how to guide the player, in my case I have not able to pass level one since I did not know what to do at a certain point. 

One way to identify jams for the player is to play your to a friend or family member without explaining anything to them, to see how far they can go alone. 

very good job

primero hay algunos bugs en el jefe final , la parte grafica deja mucho que desear , aparte el sistema pay to win arruina la experiencia de juego , la cantidad de hackers que hay es increible , la verdad tiene potencial pero si no arreglas esos fallos el juego esta perdido , le doy una misera calificacion de 9.9 /10

Hello, I have been following your projects and they seem great to me, I would appreciate it if you would stop to see mine, very good job
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Why don't you have the option to donate? Your work is incredible, I would like to support you with a donation :D