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Gracias! Es un prototipo pero va cogiendo forma poco a poco. Pronto con bastantes más mejoras.

this is a very early preview; we’ll still improve the game a lot more in the final version. 👍

Usa muchos assets gratuitos de la store aunque retextuarizados y una amigo ha modelado la mayoría de los enemigos. Yo diseño todos los mapas y la programación. 👍

thanks ! Good vídeo 👍

Thanks for playing 👍

Hi, it's usually a .dll issue. Just go to:

\Shines Over\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\ And execute the ue4prereqSetup_x86.exe

And restart windows again; i hope that helps you.

ty 👍

hi, I posted a video to show all the walkthrough . Search the part on:

thanks 👍

thanks for playing 😉👍

thanks! Good video 👍

good video ! 👍

thanks for playing and good video. the two previous games shows the main story; this new spin-off is focused to action without explains 🤣

🤣🤣🤣 no story addon; it’s like a modern pacman ; run for the streets and collect all the balls 😈

ty for playing. No needs much help, the game always show the next point to visit 😜


thanks for playing. The easy level is too easy 😜 

thanks for playing and review 👍 Each game is too different. The next project will surprise you.

yesterday i started a miniproyect for Halloween. Stay tuned. 

yesterday i started a miniproyect for halloween. Stay tuned. 

Hi, it's usually a .dll issue. Just go to:

\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\ And execute the ue4prereqSetup_x86.exe

And restart windows again; i hope that helps you.

this is stable version published around 2 years ago. the requerements are too lows, you can get easily 60fps on a regular laptop. Run on Windows x86 and 64.

thanks for playing! Of course, that was my first test game; maybe a rework as soon ad i get spare time 🤣. First i have to publish “Unforgotten” 

thanks for playing my game. Good video !

it’s dificult but it can be done. You get an animation, some exp points and one life more for the main game.

maybe in next projects. I’m only One dev for all xD

nope; it’s a single player Story . 

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actually working on “Unforgotten”. Blog

thanks for playing 👍

this project is a very early test. As soon I get advances will be posted👍 

There is something beyond the asses 🤣 but thanks for playing

good! Thanks 😊 

Vote “Shines Over II” for #H3MA, until 16th of April of 2020! Link:

you have the second chapter to download for free now - “Shines Over II” . This have a faster movement.

👍thanks for playing!

Thanks! 👍

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Rare screenshots from scenes that were removed from the final game. Perhaps it’ll good to recover them and create more missions.

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gracias! Ya estoy en un nuevo proyecto bastante más ambicioso (para hacerlo uno solo al menos xD). En cuanto tenga avances te aviso. 

good video! Thanks for playing ;) for now, no twitter, i’ll have to do it soon xD

Good video! Thanks for Playing