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Great simple game to have some fun. Thought it would be cool to check it out! Thank you for making it! 

I was honestly really surprised at this game. I came in with low energy and by the end was happy I played it. There could be improvements but for what it is, wow. The atmosphere and art style really tied everything together and made it pretty spoopy. Thank you for making this!

Nice game! The taps and noises add to the atmosphere. It turned out being a really solid play! Thank you for making this!

Honestly was shocked at how well it played! I loved it. Great lead up with the story and atmosphere. The art style was awesome! Thank you for making this.

An interesting game about needing to pee. At first I didn't know what to expect but I ended up really liking the game! It was way better than I thought it would be. Good design and layout! Thank you for making this!

The game was pretty fun! I liked the idea of having to make choices in this scenario. I thought it crashed at first then realized it was just how the game closed. Overall it sold me on the idea and the atmosphere matched. Great play thank you for making it!

I love this game so much! The game feels smooth and has the atmosphere and art style to back it up. I see myself playing more of this in the future. Thank you for making this!

Thank you!

I truly was.. a good boy..

Great game! I had to get all the endings so I played it multiple times. I thought it would be exhaustive but the atmosphere made up for it! The art style is creative to the environment and adds it's own uniqueness. Thank you for making it! 

Honestly I wasn't sure what to expect, it was better than anticipated! I really appreciate the style and for as short as it was, story objectives. Great atmosphere. Wish it was longer! Thanks for making it!

Great game! It's got the easy to learn hard to master vibe. If you are reading this and are on edge whether to buy it or not. Do it! I definitely see myself playing this a lot more!

This game was outstanding. So many emotions in one game. I was not expecting it at all! Thank you so much for this! 

Great idea and good lead into it! Took me by surprise and later had me running for my life! Thank you!


Genuinely scared me. I loved the idea of being stuck and having to wonder through this nightmare. I think you did an amazing job on this and would love to see more. Thank you!

Great game. I like the concept and think it was a great play! The ending threw me lol. Thank you!

Loved it! The tone changes fast and effectively. Thank you for making this!

Responded to the job stayed for the creep factor! It was a great, more atmospheric game. Satisfying and eerie at the same time! Thank you!

Love the game! My brain was confused and the little events went a long way! Thank you!

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Good game! Loved the idea how it progressively escalated. Each time more spoopy than the last!

Great game I didn't expect that ending! 


The game was really fun! I got lost somehow maybe because I am simple. But otherwise I enjoyed the game!

For me the atmosphere was great!